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BPI:bit Webduino and arduino board with EPS32 for STEAM education

The BPI bit (also referred to as BPI-bit, stylised as bpi:bit) is an ESP32 with 32-bit Xtensa LX6 dual-core processor based embedded system. It supports Webduino, Arduino, MicroPython as well as Scratch X programming env…

20 September 2, 2020
BPI-Leaf S2 with ESP32-S2 design for IoT and STEAM education,support arduino,micropython,Webduino

BPI-Leaf S2 with ESP32-S2 design for STEAM education,support arduino,micropython,Webduino The Banana Pi BPI-Leaf Series is a low-powered microcontroller designed for IoT development purposes. The Leaf-S2 has Xtensa® …

5 December 2, 2021
BPI-Nano arduino Nano board and BPI-UNO arduino UNO board

BPI-UNO arduino and Nano arduino boards BPI-Nano arduino Nano board : Note : All the components on the board are the same as the arduino official ones. add PH2.0 connector bettery interface and add Power Switch ke…

7 June 22, 2020
Banana Pi BPI-AI (Web:AI) with Kendryte K210 RISC-V chip design for AI/AIoT development

Banana Pi BPI-AI (Web:AI) with Kendryte K210 RISC-V chip design for AI development. BPI-AI design with K210 RISC-V chip design.An integrated artificial intelligence SOC chip solution that can accommodate neural networ…

4 February 17, 2020
BPI-Pico-S3 Getting Started, Code CircuitPython with Mu Editor 1 September 30, 2022
Can't enter REPL paste mode in VScode? Just fix the keyboard shortcut conflict 1 September 8, 2022
BPI-Leaf-S3 mpremote mount command use case, driving OLED [ESP32S3 & MicroPython] 1 September 8, 2022
BPI-Leaf-S3 Load folders to development board with mount command 3 September 5, 2022
BPI-Leaf-S3 Program in VS code with mpremote tool 2 August 29, 2022
BPI-Leaf-S3 OLED displays potentiometer voltage and progress bar 1 August 5, 2022
BPI-Leaf-S3 OLED+DHT11 dislay temperature, humidity, and progress bar 1 August 10, 2022
BPI-Leaf-S3, use potentiometer to steplessly control the brightness of lights 1 August 3, 2022
Banana Pi BPI-Leaf-S3 with ESP32-S3, use key interrupts to control neopixel 2 July 26, 2022
Banana Pi BPI-Leaf-S3 with ESP32-S3 & microPython Neopixel show 1 July 26, 2022
Banana Pi BPI-Leaf-S3 microPython getting started, blink LED on bread board 1 July 21, 2022
BPI-Leaf-S3+MicroPython: Display Web Clock on OLED screen 1 May 7, 2022
Banana Pi BPI-Leaf-S3+MicroPython:Use ADC measuring potentiometer to control the motor 1 April 18, 2022
Banana Pi BPI-Leaf-S3 MicroPython with TB6612FNG PWM Motor 1 April 13, 2022
Making IoT programming easy,using MicroPython on BPI-Leaf-S3 1 April 11, 2022
How to Build & Run Linux on Kendryte K210 RISC-V NOMMU Processor 1 February 17, 2020
BPI:bit battery connector 2 January 11, 2021
Banana Pi BPI:AI(WEB:AI) K210 chip design for Webduino 1 June 21, 2021
Banana Pi Triode Car project:How to learn electronic foundation welding and build a small car

Banana Pi Triode Car project, How to learn electronic foundation welding and build a small car As technology progresses, the world is constantly undergoing drastic change, and the learning curve of the engineering fie…

2 April 29, 2021
Banana Pi BPI Q-Car kit , support Micro:bit and BPI:bit , makecode ,webduino,arduino,micropython

Banana PI BPI Q-Car,which is a robot focusing on maker education.Compatible with Web:Bit(BPI: Bit) and Micro:Bit development boards.Small car body, highly integrated functions, plug and play, can quickly children’s atten…

8 March 29, 2021
BPI:bit v1.2 vs v1.4 2 January 11, 2021
Bpi:bit for STEAM education Kit design, support Python ,arduino, webduino 1 November 30, 2020
BPI: bit Is BPI: bit Webduino Firmware OpenSourse? 4 November 16, 2020
Banana Pi BPI:AI K210 chip design Python function demo and test 1 November 10, 2020
Banana BPI:bit wifi 18 July 27, 2020
Banana Pi BPI:Bit play as WiFi uart with ros turtlebot3 burger (opencr) 1 June 12, 2020