Using PlatformIO with BPI-Centi-S3

Hello, Can anyone help me with instructions how to set my platformio.ini file for developing using PlatformIO for the BPI-Centi-S3 (using C and Arduino framework)? Thanks!

you can see here :

Hi, Thanks for your response but there is no information there about developing for the BPI-Centi-S3 with VSCode + PlatformIO (using C, Arduino framework). I only found little documentation about using the Arduino IDE and one simple sample code (HelloWorld). Nothing else. Your help on that will be highly appreciated.

you can choose BPI-Leaf-S3 board when creating the project they are same chip,we haven’t try platformio on centi-s3

Thanks @Qubot for your answer. It looks to me that this product (BPI-Centi-S3) is not getting enough attention… It is in direct competition with the very succesful LilyGo T-Display-S3 (and has some additional features compared with the T-Display-S3) and Banana should support this product at least as LilyGo does. Basically, there are no instructions for using with VSCode + PlatformIO which is a very popular platform for the ESP32 development, and no good examples of using the Arduino framework with the different peripherals (screen, encoder, buzzer, etc.). This is not good and is driving developers away from this product. I will be happy to see evidence that I am wrong as I would like to use it… Any help with this will be highly appreciated!

Thank you for your like, this is our manual, BPI-Steam. We mainly use micropython programming. We will continue to update arduino and paltformio programming here later.

Yes, I have seen the information in that link and it includes little information related to programming in C using the Arduino framework. As far as I know, that is the way most developers are developing for the ESP32 (not micropython). Is there any way that I can get technical information on how to utilize the screen, the encoder, the RGB LED, and buzzer from C using the Arduino framework? Example code will be great. Thanks!

we have screen example here,and you can control rgb with Adafruit_NeoPixel Library, the rgb led pin is GPIO48

if you want to control buzzer,just use pwm,You can refer to this

and the encoder,we use “digitalRead” to test

Hi @Qubot, thanks for the info. Regarding the encoder, how do I find: (1) The location of the wheel, (2) If the wheel was pressed? I guess that best will be to attach an interrupt routine to do that instead of just periodically polling… Can you send some sample code either in C or Python?

The encoder can only detect the direction of rotation, but not the specific position. The principle is as follows:


and the detect io are GPIO37 and 47.

if you want to detect the press ,just digitalRead GPIO35


  1. I started testing the board. I tried the one example I found at: I am using VSCode + PlatformIO and set the project to use the Leaf configuration. The example compiled and I was able to upload to the board, but nothing appered on the display! How can I make this work?

  2. Releasing a board without proper software support (setup instructions, operation instructions, examples showing the use of all peripherals, etc.) for the popular IDEs and development languages (C is the most popular) is not a good idea… How can I and others move forward?

  3. Do you (or someone else) have already designed a box for the board and can share the 3D design files?


I also tried the same code using the Arduino IDE v2.2.1 and the GFX library v1.4.1 and got the same results, black screen. Please help!

Hello, Can I get help??? Even the below code does not function. I am able to upload the code to the board but then, when executing, nothing happens (no output to the serial). Something is wrong…

#include <Arduino.h>

#define SERIAL_BAUD_RATE 115200

void setup() { Serial.begin(SERIAL_BAUD_RATE); delay(3000); Serial.println(“Starting”); }

void loop() { Serial.println(“In loop”); delay(2000); }

Can I get help with this? I purchased two boards and nothing works… Thanks!

Hello, I am still unable to get the board working. Please HELP!!!

This is really disappointing! I bought two of your boards and getting zero support! Can I get your help?

This is a garbage board!!! Totally useless!!!