[BPI-R3] hw issues


I want to summarize known hw issues to point bpi-team to it and get bundled rensponse


@sinovoip can you give statements on these and when they are fixed?

Hi frank,

  1. We have confirmed with MTK that using PL2303 will have such problem, the solution is to use CH340 or CP2012, MTK also recommends using FDTI’s


When powered on, if the uart tx is pulled high, it will cause this

  1. We will remove R171 and R173 in the next SMT

  2. This is an error caused by negligence when we first time SMT, and we have contacted the customer for repair. The same issues will not occur in future.

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Hi simon,thanks for info

Ftdi and cp21xx is also reported to have the uart-wifi issue,but only with v1.1. i have no such issue with v1.0 and a cp2102. So something has changed in v1.1. If it will be fixed in next rev it’s ok. I was not sure you’re working on it.i will try to compare v1.1 shematic with v1.0.

Edit: the circuit above is same in v1.1 and v1.0. So probably not the cause for the issues.

As steven told you,v1.1 are only adding hole for 2230 nvme, moving bootswitches together, add common usb2 and a sata power connector. We also bought pl2303 to test v1.0 and v1.1, both will have this issues. Also discussed this with steven, he recommend ftdi.We have tested ch340,cp2102,FT4232, all are ok.

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Is there maybe ETA for 1.2? as at least the has stock https://pl.aliexpress.com/item/1005004716456913.html