Dual NOR-Flash BPI-R3

I have got a kind of special BPI-R3, @sinovoip : bpi-r3-flash Have a close look on the marking of the two flash chips: it is the same, W25Q256JVEIQ. So two times NOR flash, but unfortunately no NAND flash.

This is very sad, I was really happy to have found a powerful router board that has NAND flash and an eMMC flash to evaluate running containers on it. Planed storing OpenWrt on the NAND flash while using the eMMC to store the container images and so on. But now I have one without any NAND flash :frowning:

It was also really annoying to find out, why flashing to the NAND flash did not work at all, always just flashed to NOR flash regardless of how the jumpers was set.

Hello Friend,

May I know where you bought it ? This is Klaus , from Banana Pi , this is my email address, you can contact me , I will support you . Many Thanks ! [email protected]

it is reported that this is a very specific case which is very rare and should not be happen anymore