[BPI-R3] Case design

I just want to open a case-thread to have such discussions out of other non-related Threads

I made a svg for front connectors

@finas and @JKSTAFF already working on Cases

A preview [BPI-R3] information

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After hijack @frank-w 's thread for long time (>x<) , for your consideration


A 4-disk array NAS case inspired by Helios.
Using m.2 to sata converter, SFX PSU and acrylic side panels. Easy to assemble I suppose?

During my test production my friend CNC machined a piece of mos tube radiator for BPI-R3, and use a 5V pwm fan and the PSU fan to form a vertical air duct for cooling.
Two magnetic stickers are pasted on the acrylic top pannel, which can absorb a magnetic dust filter like this.
For users who need to use wireless, just cut those round holes on side panel to install optional SMA antenna.
Because we need to power the whole system by a PSU on standalone mode, I drew a simple power decoy board to get 12V DC to juice BPI-R3’s VH3.96 and sata.

DC%20power%20board photo_2022-11-12_17-13-06
Should be easy to find similar product on your local e-commerce site.

Build your own case!

Like I said I’m still assembling and waiting for the custom parts shipping. Use this CAD file to cut a case if you can’t wait for my trial and error:
HeliOS_v0.1.DWG (115.3 KB)
I would really appreciate if anyone could give me some advice to improve this proto design.