BananaPi BPI-P2 Zero(H2+ with POE) Ubuntu server & raspbian images release 2019-01-16

BananaPi BPI-P2 Zero(H2+ with POE) Ubuntu server & raspbian release 2019-01-16

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  • This release is for banana pi P2 Zero board which is based on Allwinner H2+, We have two demo images release Ubuntu Server 16.04 and Raspbian 9.4, and they are based on kernel 3.4.
  1. Raspbian 9.4 Image Links:
  1. Ubuntu Server 16.04 Image Links:
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Sorry for the double post but I used this image for install and bluetooth doesn’t seem to work:

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It’s got some other stuff installed. Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi Zero uses up 87MB of RAM. This one uses 94MB of RAM. Some adjustments that can be made to the image, is to remove Raspberry pi specific tools (like Raspberry Pi configuration, help, Universal access (since the menu is empty anyway) can be removed from the start bar).

Firefox can be removed due to memory issues below 500MB of RAM, Out of the box, the Wifi wasn’t working for me.

The Chromium browser actually works on the BananaPi zero, where as on the Raspberry pi zero, it doesn’t (due to ram issues, and LONG loading times).

VideoCore IV files can be removed, Raspberry Pi bluetooth (they use different drivers anyway), camera modules, sensehat and gpio software (is probably incompatible with the zero)…

The Wolfram app is only licensed to Raspberries, so it requests for a license key (can be removed, as it can be reinstalled for people owning a proper license key) (EDIT: seems like it can’t be removed from the image).

A lot of the background pics and images in the OS can be purged…

I think you can cut A LOT out of the image, before rebuilding it, and make it a lot smaller. All it really need is Wifi compatibility with the bananapi M2 zero. Even after following the terminal procedures on this build, I wasn’t able to get the wifi going.

EDIT: So after a reboot, the system DOES find the wifi, however the wifi applet in the systray doesn’t recognize the wifi adapter.

Use commands to setup WiFi client

sudo su
ip link set wlan0 up
iw dev wlan0 scan | grep SSID
vim /etc/wpasupplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
wpa_supplicant -iwlan0 -c /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf
dhclient wlan0

doing my first round, I was able to reduce RAM usage to 88MB idle. Netsurf is superior on basic devices like these. Low ram usage. Better than Chromium.

It also needs a good bluetooth and wifi monitor software, and a way to set the location.

cd /usr/share/zoneinfo