BananaPi BPI-M2Z & BPI-P2 Zero(H2+) New Images Reapbian9.4 & Ubuntu16.04 Release 2019-04-30

Can you post a link, for those of us who can’t read Chinese?


i tried to download it and after three hours i still can’t find the download.

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sorry, I have updated images on google drive

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please try google drive

The google drive file contains an image named 2019-01-08 (just as the previous version is named) and with a last modified date of 01.08.2019 Is this a fluke or…?

oh, my mistake, I have released once here: BananaPi BPI-P2 Zero(H2+ with POE) Ubuntu server & raspbian images release 2019-01-16, thanks to point me out, I will update soon.

Just a reminder for the update!

Reminder for update seconded, please and thank you. I would download from Baidu, but it requires installation of BaiduNetdisk to download large files, which I’m not too keen on.

Banana Pi M2 Zero with this Raspbian 9.4: after about 2-3 minutes wifi goes down with some weird error messages and won’t get back up until rebooting. It’s probably some driver issue. I’ll check Ubuntu 16.04 from those images, thanks!

Same wifi shutdown after ~3 minutes in Ubuntu Desktop Mate. I’m pretty sure it’s in the driver now. I’ll try with some usb wifi dongle, preferably one not based on broadcom chip.

After a complete apt-get upgrade, which required three reboot-and-run-upgrade runs due to wifi dying after three minutes, it seems the wifi is stable now, going on for 10 minutes now. I’ll try the same thing with Ubuntu image. Thanks for the great work!

hello, sorry for this issue, if you still meet this, please raplace your ap6212 firmware:

update ap6212 firmware.doc (18.5 KB) (261.5 KB)


Thanks, I’ll check this one later. I’m currently running a self-built Armbian (giving Ubuntu 18.04) and it works so well I don’t feel the need to switch.

I had the same problem, after replacing wifi firmware looks like problem is gone. At leas after around one hour wifi is still functional. Thanks!

Again… Dafuq is htis jocke?? There is no way go even on internet… NO GRUB, LOCKED ADMIN PASS:. Why?? How to rest or POST ADMIN PASS… passwd trick not work… it was SU SUDO locked…

Please… is this oficial support?? can you provide a ROOT PASS?? I cant even acces internet… there is NO FIRTST START make BOI console… just finalize to boot and it was LOCKED why?? Must i please a root pass?? or?? is dat distro broken?? NO GRUB so no chance to make it in console… i really dont wanna buy2buy thingi.

Hello, please try this.

user: root password: bananapi

i can’t connect wo my wifi network, i’ve updated the firmware already. It says always wrong key but the key is right. Using ubuntu server??? what’s the problem here? wpa_supplicant.conf is set right. it works on raspbian but not with ubuntu server

1-wire sensor (DS18B20) doesn’t work on Raspbian. Maybe anybody knows how to make it work?

Ubuntu Server: I can not ssh after restart several times. Still, It’s connecting to wifi and even I can access my Nginx web page.