Banana pi BPI-M3 will send free sample for tes

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I am planning to open a tech channel and website and need a headstart over the others and what better than the Banana pi m3

I already have one of them. I try to make good multimedia and IPTV player. For now i have a good result. I hope to get another one, for my friend which is also good developer. By. Robert from Slovenia


I work with my local College in hosting a tech social monthly and a tech talk gathering weekly and I would love to have one of these boards to play with in our space. On average we have 20 people out weekly with more usually during our monthly social gatherings so I’m sure it would find use.

Personally I can think of a project to test out on it myself and I’m sure it’ll be in demand since it’s octa-core.

Steve from Canada

just send mail to [email protected] . let he know what are you want to do, he will help you .

I wanted to use one to make a custom Andorid car stereo in my very old Volvo 240 and didint want to use the slower Raspberry Pi


I’m have website and blog, I’m very interrested too test and review Banana pi BPI-M3, I want to build Touchscreen Point of Sales Odoo and test it with many devices.

Bonny from Indonesia

just send mail to [email protected] . let he know what are you want to do, he will help you .

Hi there from Russia!

At the moment I have a Banana Pi M1, which is used as a free and open internet radio server and torrents database (OpenMagnet project). But current output is not enough to cover all the needs, so please consider to send me a free sample of Banana Pi M3. Also I would like to practice for configuring and creating Arch Linux image for this board.

Anyway, thank you for the excellent work of creating wonderful development boards.

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