Banana pi BPI-M3 will send free sample for test

Banana pi BPI-M3 will send free sample for test

1 if you have website or blogs, can help us review, test BPI-M3, and help us advertise our product.

2 if you have experience with many open source development and want to help us development software and fixed issue.

3, you have a good idea and want to use BPI-M3 in a cool project .

please reply this topic. write what you want to do! BPI team will choose some user ,and send free sample to you , you just only payment the shipping cost .

note : 1, not everyone can get free sample , we only can choose some user . 2, we need send it out when we ready the first 1000 pcs in stock . you manybe need waitting .

Update: 1, hardware all EMC test and Eye diagram test have finished .

2, all production test software have development finished .

3, we have do the new 100 pcs for DVT. it have finished . so , all hardware and production arrangements have finish.

4, we have run android and linux on M3 with kernel 3.4, it is from allwinner SDK, but we can let it work as open source.

5, we have run kernel 4.1.x test on it , can running on M3, but with some issue.

6,now , this week ,we can update 3.4 kernel code to github. and build image .

7, we have begin plan to do 1000 pcs or 5000 pcs at first . when image ready ,we can send goods out.



You know me :wink: hope get one

I want to be like tester i will testing Octo pi and i will make with BPI-M3 a Filament-Manager for my 3D Printer

I would like to be a tester of the new version. I will test it like a home server with VPN/VOIP/DONLOAD TORRENT/IRC BOT/MEDIASERVER and home automation.

I would not mind doing a review + project blog for you. I am currently doing a similar thing for as well.

I am VERY well known in the open source community, you are welcome to view my profiles on

Facebook: (over 700 followers, almost 95% from South Africa) Google Plus: (over 500 followers, almost 2 million profile views)

I am also involved with (electronics designer) and run - An organisation in South Africa tasked with promoting open source hardware usage throughout the community

You can read my latest blog om openhardwarecoza - currently doing a whole series of articles on OpenHAB / Home Automation, etc and the M3 would be a good fit as a low power usage OpenHAB server…

Can’t post more than two links per post, also see my forum on!forum/openhardwarecoza

and Youtube:

I like. I want to test DSI Display 10.1" DSI Port :smiley:

My Page : G+ :

and all group forum for banana pi

If possible, I would like a sample. To experiment with my projects.My Project


I am Frontend Developer. I am currently in the process of building your own site. It will be a portfolio with a blog. Preview current version:

I plan to blog to write about singleboard. Currently I have Raspberry PI B + and Raspberry PI 2. I’m going to buy Orange PI Plus.

In my country such devices only become popular.

From what I noticed, that BPI-M3 is definitely the best of the three:

  • OPI Plus
  • RPI 2
  • BPI-M3

On the blog I would write about all singleboard devices, test them and compare.

Due to the fact that BPI-M3 is the strongest I’d like to test your designs

At the beginning I have an idea for:

  • Clock Radio (internet radio listened to the speaker bluetooth)
  • After waking speech synthesizer gives information about the weather and information from the country
  • Download temepratury and humidity In it flat
  • Blind control
  • Relays and RF
  • Network Drive SAMBA, FTP
  • Torrents
  • Backup
  • Control lighting and temperature in the aquarium
  • TV using kodi
  • Other

Sorry for my language, but I write with a translator.

Hi, I will use banana pi as domo-control, I connect temperatures sensors, and actuators for lights and others.

Hi, I am interesting on this, we are building some interesting project using physiological sensor to coach peopler to do their rehabilitation at home. BPI is the core controller to help us to collect the information during the rehabilitation exercise. we will use BLE to collect the data generated by the wearable sensor, and produce some constructive feedback on the screen. So people can do their rehabilitation exercise like playing a video game at home. We believe by using this BPI can produce a low cost system for patient, and increase their compliance to do the rehab exercise. The key of this project is collecting the data generaed by physiological sensosr. BLE is the main bridge for us the get these data, so we are looking forward to this new BPI M3. If there is possible we would like to participate the test ASAP. Best regards, tony

Hi, I’m interested in evaluating the M3 as virtualization hypervisor (tests with qemu/kvm and with lxc/docker). With its octo cores cpu, its 2GB ram and SATA, it could be a great platform with a SSD drive to run virtual machines (web sites, mail server, …) on a small device.

Also I’m starting a new blog about embedded electronic. It could be my first topic !


I’m part of the NetBSD project and will use the new BPI-M3 to improve support for NetBSD (

Please consider me or other NetBSD developers.

Regards Palle ([email protected])


I will use the new Banana Pi via PIR sensor, Temp/Humi sensor, Camera and LVDS LCD screen to create a slim and cheap Video conference/Baby monitor that run on Wifi network.

The new display chipset enable a HD camera stream and the support of Raspi port enable easy integration of the sensor and programming.

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We have advetised the Banana Pi for a over a year now on our website and have sold 100s of your items. Please consider sending a sample to us… Thank you Chris Chen TinyOne Systems

I would like to have one piece for evaluation at my school environment. I already have bought Banana Pro and it works well.


Hi, I have a website about programming of MSP430, STM32, etc. and single-board computer like Raspberry Pi or Cubieboard. Banana Pi begin to be popular in Czech republic (and Slovakia), but there isn’t a lot of website about Banana Pi (data, projects etc.). I want to make storage via samba, multimedial center, secure device for home and meteostation with website (Banana Pi is powerful). I hope that my tutorials for people will be useful :smile: czech: english:

P.S.: I share my projects, news and articles on google+ (website and communities), facebook, twitter :smile:

Hi! I’m a blogger and founder of . Our blog is about tech hacks for russianspeaking audience. I have bought Rpi2 and start to write articles about it. It would be perfect to have a Banana pi for same reasons.

Am experimenting with MIPI-DSI LCDs for projector and VR using Android/Linux. Would like to consider using the BPI-M3 as an LCD controller with color management, and also possibly for fan and temperature control.

Hi. I want to do the followings: 1- Test Hadoop performance with this amazing board. 2- Test the board for an IoT application. 3- Extend its application in many automation scenarios. Last but not least, i want to make two Elearnings for Android and Linux for this board. So far, i have experienced many SBCs including BBB, RPi 2, Marsboard, Cubieboard, E8, and Sinlinx A31s. Many regards.