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Banana pi product using the new packaging, unified VI design (2)
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Banana pi BPI-M2 uboot 2015-7 and kernel 4.1.6 update to github (6)
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Allwinner chip linux mainlining effort (1)
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Banana pi for Sunxi devices as NAS (1)
Banana pi can use Volumio open source project (1)
BPI-M2+ module with allwinner H2+ ,H5 chip design (1)
Banana pi BPI-M2 Magic : IoT development board , allwinner R16 chip design and Tina IoT linux support (3)
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BPI-M2 Ultra and BPI-M64 instock now (1)
SD card performance,tkaiser do this test (1)
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Banana pi and allwinner coworker with R40:banana pi BPI-M2 Ultra (1)
Bananian update linux kernel:now: Linux kernel 4.4.14 (1)
The Self-Driving Car Company Coming For Tesla & Google,who can find banana pi on it.:) (1)
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BPI files (newest image , deb package,others )share on google driver (2)
Dietpi have official support BPI-M2+ (1)
Armbian have official support BPI-M2+ (4)
Debian Jessie for M1,M2,PRO,R1 with kernel 3.4.112 and 4.5.2 (1)
IASS support pvbrowser image on BPI-M1 BPI-M1+ BPI-M2 BPI-M3 (1)
The great news makes my feeling good! (1)
CentOS 7 Linux Officially Released for Raspberry Pi 2, Banana Pi, and CubieTruck (3)
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