Banana Pi BPI-R64 public sale

Banana Pi BPI-R64 open source router with MTK MT7622 64 bit chip design


Key Features

  • MediaTek MT7622,1.35GHZ 64 bit dual-core ARM Cortex-A53
  • Mini PCIE interface support 4G module
  • built-in 4x4n 802.11n/Bluetooth 5.0 system-on-chip
  • MTK7615 4x4ac wifi (option)
  • support 1 SATA interface
  • MicroSD slot supports up to 256GB expansion
  • 8G eMMC flash (option 16/32/64G)
  • 5 port 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet port
  • (1) USB 3.0
  • Slow I/O:ADC, Audio Amplifier, GPIO, I2C, I2S, IR, PMIC I/F, PWM, RTC, SPI, UART
  • POE function support

easy to buy sample:

Aliexpress shop:

Taobao shop:

more please see wiki online document:

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Please correct the product description using the link in the specifications tab.
Also in the description in the title is “r2”, not “r64”.

Please provide explanations on the 4G module.
Is this a rational option (buying a PCIE module)? Is there a SIM card slot on the board?

Does the kit include a power supply for this board?
Appear on sale case for this board?

thank you, make a mistake ,have change it .

it use a standard pcie/USB module . you can buy it ,we have test quectel EC25 module . have sim slot onboard . 1, use pcie interface standard module ,and use SIM card slot onboard

2, use 4G extend board via USB port.

Where is the MTK7615 option?

Is a compatible case available?

Can you make a bundle available like you have for other products?

7615 module will ready soon , when all is OK ,will make a bundle available.

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Where is the power of mSATA? I think I will need ? Thanks.

not this type ,it just need mSATA standard line. we will update soon.

Oops, typo. I mean “SATA”. According to, there’ a sata interface on the right side, thanks.

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Hello BPI Team,

I would like to ask about the use case of R64? I see there are multiple NIC which I suppose is there for it to be used as either a router or a security appliance while I dont see any development on the routing os side. Ex: openwrt img not present, no work on any security appliance OS like opnsens etc.

I would really like to give it a try only if the manufacturer is interested in supporting such distro’s or atleast pushing the community to develop something and continue supporting for long term.

openWRT image will update soon.

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Thanks a lot for such a quick response. I would like to see freebsd or opnsense support as I seem the hardware have the potential to work smoothly as a security appliance.

I would love to contribute if I dig into the bpi method of porting and learn to do that for the community.


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I was looking to buy R64 but i have some questions regarding it.

  1. I see the sata connector is vertical so how am I suppose to connect a sata drive with it? Without having a Sata L connector. Like this BHD 1.23 | 90 Degree L Type 7+15Pin 22P SATA Adapter Converter Jack Connector Male to Female Black

  2. When do you plan to bundle a case as its not practical for me to use bare board for development without case for safety.

  3. Hardware spec Description In ali express listing is showing M2 ultra as header Link : BHD 25.64 | Newest arrive Banana PI BPI R64 MT 7622 Opensource Router

  4. Do you plan to have Open Media vault build for this device?


Hello, we are an ISP company and would like to buy Banana Pi BPI-R64 with MTK7615 module. Can you please suggest where are both available?

Thank you!

@sinovoip Can look into this for you.

you can buy 7615 module sample from here:

Can we see bundle for that model on sale?

R64, case, adapters for WiFi for work 2,4/5 hz AC, DC adapter, antennas for WiFi.
May be PoE.