VisionFive2 RISC-V SBC Kickstarter link

A pioneering development board that combines performance with low-cost and full open-source RISC-V single board computer.


VisionFive 2 - open source quad-core RISC-V dev board

Banana Pi factory will full support this board

Do I understand correctly that BPI will produce and sell this model?

Yes, we will provide manufacturing services for this plate and sell it

When will this product be available for sale?

you can first order it from kickstart.

When is it expected to hav the emmc avaible ? Also there is a small issue with this new design . 1: usb moved to other side makes this hard to make a case for . 2: on a desktop no need for multi nic ad a single 10/100/100 would have done. 3: stop using usb-c for power and use a proper power barrel plug for stability.

we need a dev board as we need to see if the fan filter issue has been fixed. so that we do noth get the picketfencing that you do with the v1