Which image is best for R1 for now?

I used banaian 2016 for now but it show a lot of error log about hdmi display. It’s annoying for me. It also crashed when I tried to install x server.

As a result, I tried some other images but I don’t know how to setup a VLAN on them(ex. 2018-07-17-ubuntu-16.04-server-demo-bpi-r1-sd-emmc.img)

can someone teach me how to setup VLAN on image I mentioned above(2018-07-17-ubuntu-16.04-server-demo-bpi-r1-sd-emmc.img)

btw, when I install a HDD, the system can’t even boot success. Is it a problem of power supply?

all image update here : http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-R1

I used the Armbian Jessie images and got the VLAN working, you can follow my document, it may help you but you must use a 4.x Kernel.

There are images without support, but with updates… https://www.armbian.com/download/?tx_maker=sinovoip&device_support=Support+ended+(EOS) However, if you like to dig in and send pull requests to can have a nice image from armbian. Just try it out if it suits you.

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Tido, I would say Armbian Jessie (just what you said) and OpenWRT. OpenWRT is ideal if you want a quick working router os. Armbian Jessie is more for if you want to configure and maintain it by yourself. Plus the links you provided are not working any more, I put a link to the image here (Last official Armbian (Jessie) Lamobo/Banana Pi R1 - EoS (End of Support)).

I recently tested the official debian 10 and sid. Installed using the debian installer from the official site. It worked perfectly, without failures and reboots for more than a month. In router mode with wireguard VPN and wi-fi access point. Recommend. The installer allows you to install the system directly on the sata disk, on the SD card only the bootloader.