Last official Armbian (Jessie) Lamobo/Banana Pi R1 - EoS (End of Support)

I want to share this with you all. Maybe someone can make a good image out of it… This image disappeared on the Armbian website for some reason (I think EoS). So if someone is looking for the official original last image, you can download it here! I no more try to make it compatible with latest buster. I read all topics and I think it’s lost time to make it compatible (for example: the kernel and u-boot). Above all there’s a reason that Armbian stopped supporting it. I hope we can make more good working images for this board!

I decided to give it one more try to make a new image. You can view my new preview/test-image in this post: 2020-04-21: Armbian Buster (4.19.62-sunxi) Preview/Test-image - Lamobo/Banana Pi R1

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