What Linux works on the BPI-M2 zero?

First post hi guys is there a image for Linux that works on the bpi zero thank you

can you test this image :slight_smile:

I did it has shocking graphic glitching and didn’t recognize the GPU drivers, I reverted to the 2017-11-10 Armbian 5.34 at 720p and that is functional but rather slow .

Why do banana pi sell boards if there is no working o/s for them ?

Hi guys, I’m trying to run raspian on it. Is it even possible? Just thinking about it because I have a few python scripts already running well on raspian jessie (Pi 3) and the BPi M2 is actually compatible to the GPIO numbers of a PI3. Can someone help please? Thanks!

Because they sell boards, not support…its rather a common situation with a lot of clone makers, they expect the community to make the OS, and they do a pretty fair job, but there’s a catch 22, in that the community will only be interested if there’s a decent number of people using the boards, and people will avoid buying the boards until there is a stable OS.

I personally think that releasing a board without a fully working OS is pointless, the boards never gain any traction in the market, and never fulfill their full potential to users.

This is why Raspberry, and to a lesser extent, Hardkernals Odroids do so well, they make a good reliable usable OS that people don’t have to fight over. The lesson never seems to be learned.