What can I do with a defect Board?

I have a defect Banana Pi M2U. Are you interesting in a defect board to analyze the reason of its death ? By the way a question about the LED between AP6212 and AXP 221S it is now dark. What is signalized with this LED?

please test our newest image :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, it is running again. But as already mentioned in an other thread I have defects in memtester diagnostics. During bit flip test I get a FAILURE and when a bigger chunk of memory is used like 1,8GB than the system freezes without any feedback. It seems that the DDR-memController-calibration is configured out of specs for this kind of chips. I took the application from debian with apt-get install memtester. By the way this was the reason to change to armbian because I could get to the sources and build teh system fron scratch, but it does not boot at all. Can I find a way to do this also with BPI-Projects in git, is there a wiki to get it build ?