Use Banana Pi M2+ as radio station? Looking for our engineers here

Ahoy friends. I’m currently working for a local radio station in Brasil (small city called Novo Mundo) with a population of 600 inhabitants. We got the local license for radio broadcast at 103.5MHz FM, but currently lack of money. So i was looking for a solution, and i found 2 packages, one called PiFM and another one called FM_Transmitter. I have also built up a little amplifier and filter. Both are made for Raspberry Pi’s, the first one for RPi Rev. 1 , and the second one for Rev. 1 up to Rev. 3. Now i got from home my Banana Pi M2+, and i’d like to use it with these packages, but unfortunately it didn’t work. On the first look the pin header layout seems to be almost the same, what’s wrong there? Do i need to adjust anything regarding the addresses of all the ports? I hope someone could give some advice to get started!

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