Tutorial :Burning BPI-M5 Armbian image to SD card in Windows

This tutorial is also applicable to BPI-M1, BPI-M1+, BPI-M2+, BPI-M2S, BPI-M2 Pro, BPI-M2M, BPI-M2U, BPI-M2 Burry, BPI-M2 Zero, BPI-P2 Zero, BPI -M3, BPI-M64, BPI-CM4, BPI-R2, BPI-R64, BPI-R1, BPI-R3 Min.

1、get ready:M5 board, SD card, card reader, 5V adapter, usb to ttl cable( or HDMI cable and monitor, mouse, keyboard).

SD Formatter (Download link: https://download.banana-pi.dev/d/ca025d76afd448aabc63/files/?spm=wolai.workspace.0.0.6b9c394bQaPoSe&p=/Tools/image_download_tools/SD%20Formatter.zip)

BalenEtcher (Download link: https://github.com/balena-io/etcher/releases/download/v1.18.11/balenaEtcher-Setup-1.18.11.exe)

MobaXterm (Download link: https://mobaxterm.mobatek.net/download-home-edition.html?spm=wolai.workspace.0.0.6b9c394bQaPoSe)

2、Format SD card.

Insert the SD card into the card reader, and then insert into the computer. Open the SD Formatter. Select the disk that needs to be formatted in the Drive option. %E5%B1%8F%E5%B9%95%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE%202023-08-29%20135155

Click Format. After completion, as shown in the figure below. image


You can download the image on the websites below.

Banana Pi Open Source Project (banana-pi.dev)

Banana Pi Wiki (banana-pi.org)


The image name I use is Armbian_23.5.1_Bananapim5_bookworm_current_6.1.30_xfce_desktop.img. Open BalenaEtcher, click Flash from file, and select the image that needs to be recorded. image

Click Select target,choose the right sd card. image

Click Flash.


5、usb to ttl cable


Insert it correctly into the board (TXD and RXD are connected in reverse, VCC does not need to be connected)


6、start up

Note:The EMMC of the M5 needs to be empty,if you have images on EMMC it will boot from EMMC by default.

Insert the SD card into M5 and insert USB to TTL Cable (or Monitor).
Open Mobaxterm, click Session.

choose Serial
Select the corresponding port in the Serial Port, and select Speed 115200.


Select Port


Plug in 5V power to start M5 from the SD card.
If there is no preset account, it needs to be created according to the guide. If there is a preset account, it is pi/bananapi or root/bananapi.


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So, if you are going to recommend using UART cable, where is the guide how to hook up the cable. Using Mobaxterm seem a but hardcore.

Please show the guide were to hook up the UART, the correct colors.


Sorry, I forgot about this. The image introduction has now been added.

Cool, so a day before you wrote yours, I had publish this


I have updated with a script. Mine a bit easier as I only use a SD card and not UART, not everyone has UART Cables. So I wanted something simple. Check it out.

This is good, because until now I never knew how to use the UART Cable, I have a video come out, that will show what on my page.

@squy Its been impossible for me to boot with a working SD Armbian image. could you link the exact file you used that booted allowing an “armbian-config” prompt.

I have all hardware and OS avaiable to me… so I am following your steps 100% as no Armbian images provided on Armbain website for the M5 burned on an SD cards images boot the usual way with this board. ( all BPI provided ubuntu images boot correctly with an SD, but I need kernel 5 >)