Resize partition in Ubuntu mate

Hi after a few different attempts I managed to get my Rev1 M3 to boot Ubuntu Mate downloaded from your site

But I was hoping there would be a 1 click batch file to resize the partitions to give me some storage space, can someone talk me through this, I’m not a Linux user at all and this is a bit strange to me.

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You can use GParted. If you installed it on a MicroSD, you have to load GParted on another Linux computer to resize the partition.

Unless I am wrong, which is very likely.

But nevertheless check out GParted.

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Alternatively you can use your brain :wink:

The OS images they provide have a size that fits exactly in the eMMC. Since the eMMC is magnitudes faster than even the fastest and most expensive SD cards (due to limitations of the SD card interface of the M3, it’s not the card’s fault!) therefore using anything else than the eMMC to burn any OS image to is… weird.

Using an SD card to provide additional storage would require that the bootloader would be written to the SD card since the M3 tries to boot from a card when one is inserted. I’t pretty easy to do so, you just need to write bootloader + initrd to the SD card and let uEnv.txt point to /dev/mmcblk1p2 instead).

If the vendor would care they would’ve provided a simple utility to cover all these boot/storage scenarios. But instead they focus on crappy attempts like OS images that are bootable on all of their boards instead of listening to their users.

The best way to use the M3 is to burn the OS image to the internal eMMC and combine this with attached USB storage since unfortunately the M3’s SD card implementation also sucks (way slower than necessary).

thank you, I managed to find the right process, its now properly resized.

you are getting boring now, so I shall not be responding any more to your unpleasant comments.

You’re welcome. I hope you’re cross-compiling and not using the BPi M3 for this since you might (not :wink: ) know that storage speed also matters. By ignoring eMMC and using an SD card you ensure that things work slower than necessary. Congrats!

When using overprized hardware it’s essential to refrain from using the hardware parts that are worth a look! :stuck_out_tongue: