Booting from SSD/SATA

Im trying to boot raspbian from the SSD. i tried this method without success, what am i doing wrong?

Fooling yourself? The M3 has no SATA just the slowest USB-to-SATA bridge in the world:

It’s pretty easy to boot from an ultra slow USB disk even with the M3 but that’s also just insane since internal eMMC is multiple times faster! Don’t make the mistake and think stuff for the real Bananas (with A20 SoC and real SATA) would apply to the weird M3 too.

Tkaiser, stop being a troll. If you don’t have anything productive to say, take a hike.

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Wow, it really seems the average M3 customer has strong understanding problems. The M3 has no SATA and the specific USB implementation is ultra slow. So avoiding it is the best you can do. In case you’re able to understand such simple things like ‘75 MB/s are faster than 30 MB/s’.

That’s the problem: Since the crappy M3 is also called Banana Pi many people make the mistake to follow tutorials for the original (good) A20 based Bananas with M3 where this is counterproductive.

But it seems really useless to try provide any help here since customers are happy with what they got.

Obviously you’re just another asshole with an axe to grind. If you aren’t contributing to the community with viable solutions to problems, then why are you here? All your posts are counterproductive. STOP BEING PART OF THE PROBLEM! This is all I’m going to say about it.

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Hi Mike,

Your comment is useless, TK doesn’t care about you.

Brian was like you:

All he wanted was free sample, some chit chat and now he is gone, never heard again ! ? ! As soon as you realise, that your M3 is an 8core without bigLittle architecture and just 1 GPU core. You are gone too, just like Brian.

But TK will still be here and helps people in his way.

So long

I paid for my M3. I don’t plan on going anywhere for the time being. I will decide whether or not to move on.

*edit: I also just signed up for dev-host ( and I’m going to upload the build I’m using that does work (Ubuntu MATE). I’ll post it up when I get home.

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I read through the treads you mentioned about this Brian and I see why he left. Every time he posted about something tkaiser and his band of merry homos got all up in his business for asking honest questions. People like tkaiser have been banned from all other forums for the EXACT same practices. Its called trolling. Just to run people that might actually be able to make a difference off and this board go nowhere. The best action would be to ban tkaiser for his viscous antisocial behavior and move forward.

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Well, I guess you wouldn’t stand Kernel Development. I heard Linus Torvalds is very straight.

You could also see it from this point of view, if you cannot cope with such straight expression you are probably too weak or your self consciousness is not good enough.

I know him online for more than a year and yes we had /have our disagreements, but I prefer a straight discussion even with some swearing, than not to be told the truth. He helped me on many things and I could help him too.

Your mileage may vary

Nah, too many nice behaving experts here. @osacie in case it’s still not obvious that M3 and M1 are absolutely incompatible despite their name you could start to read these collections of material:

Somewhere in the 2nd link should be the information where you find the correct uEnvt.txt version on the 1st FAT partition on every crappy SinoVoip OS image (of course they store it not at the usual location, also don’t write this in any form of a useable documentation and the whole partition is filled with junk so most probably you edited the wrong files and it’s incompatible as already said).

Apart from that: Trying to use the onboard SATA connection is the worst idea ever since it’s slow as hell and if you don’t use the most recent kernel and sysconfig_fex stuff (script.bin works too in the meantime) and solder a sane barrel plug you’re lost anyway.

please don’t make assumptions about me and why I am on here, I am actively using my M1, and my M3, and after some issues getting them set up they work fine. I don’t come here as much because there is simply too much negative noise from you 2 and I am busy with my project that requres these units and several others.

When all said and done, they are not perfect but depending on what you need them to do , they are quite usable and affordable. If you only want to push them to their supposed limits, they will give problems. highlighting every flaw rather than working with their positives is never going to result in a happy user. My M3 is more than happily working away using standard supplied img’s from BPI (part of my project brief requries I use supplied software), I personally am not a linux user, I don’t like it so I try to limit my actual use of linux to finding out the IP address and nothing more. So I don’t care what features are missing, or how well it runs youtube. For me these machines are simply targets for game code.

I added a heatsink and all my test projects, for graphics, sound and data managment, relating to OpenGLES games are working perfectly. I do sometimes lose a core or 2, but it does not interfere with my project’s performance that much. I don’t use the Sata, but I did try it, yes it is slow, but it is cable compatible with all my sata devices so at least it can use them but again a part of my brief is that I use a standard SBC with SD/eMMC…if I ever needed to use a sata SBC for real, I’d buy something else…

I currently have over 30 SBC’s Tido from different makers, I paid for all but 2 of them, so I’m not hunting for samples as you suggest. That range of equipment has made me very aware that most of them suffer from some kind of flaw, but all of them are capable of being used for a range of functions.

TK is a troll, his comments that insult users and the BPi people are not constructive and serve only to make him feel important, you Tido, appear to be nothing more than a sad echoing lickspittle of his.

If you can’t be helpful, just keep quiet.

For those people able to click on links or with reading capabilities see the last comment why choosing M3 is still just plain wrong (any why choosing M2+ instead is also not the best idea).

and again…an insult, and banging on about your view that the M3 is bad…

you are not helping!

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to answer you in a civil way.

the problem is that basically the M3 is not the same set up as the M1 better known as the Banana Pi. So it does things a bit different and that process may not work for the M3 which was designed around a different chip and has different uses, Also, there is not a massive userbase updating the systems often, so what is availavble for the M3 can be clunky to use. That will take a while to resolve as it needs more users to participarte in improvment rather than sneering at people asking honest questions. Its a faster machine in some cases but it can’t really do the same things as the M1.

I never tried to use Rasbian on the M3, I am using ubuntu and it works fine.

So following advices for BPi M1 is a bad idea with M3 especially when it’s about that what has been asked before (I know Brian, you don’t read that much, especially the questions you try to answer).

  • BPi M1: slow SD card but real/native very fast SATA (40/200 MByte/sec sequential speeds, random IO as fast as the used SSD due to native command queueing since we’re talking about native SATA)
  • BPi M3: slow SD card, no SATA at all, okish eMMC and an ultra slow USB-to-SATA bridge (15/30 MB/s sequential speeds, random IO horribly slow since GL830 used here doesn’t implement UASP and kernel doesn’t also).

Combining BPi M1 or M3 with an SSD and putting the rootfs on it:

  • M1: GOOD idea, your gains in speed will be amazing!
  • M3: VERY VERY BAD idea since the SSD can not perform at all if used behind the slow GL830 USB-to-SATA bridge. Since onboard eMMC is way faster always put the rootfs on eMMC if you were already unlucky enough to be fooled by Team BPi and you thought M3 or any other BPi would be compatible to M1 in any way (they all aren’t)

So the only nice/civil answer to the original questions is simply: Don’t be a fool and refrain from connecting a fast SSD to the slowest SATA port in the market. The whole idea is shit but unfortunately the whole ‘Team BPi’ business model is based on exactly that: Creating the impression BPi M2, M2+ or M3 would be in any way compatible to M1. Which they are not and that applies to hardware, software and especially support situation (since there’s no community around M3 and its SoC)

since when is “don’t be a fool”, civil?

You pompous ass!

Well, that’s really impressive. :slight_smile:

All that’s needed even if @osacie would really want to do it wrong was already in my first post (a link to a wiki article describing everything about M3, even where to find the correct location of uEnv.txt – since that’s the purpose of our linux-sunxi wiki: helping people even if they bought the wrong device). Combined with the responsible advice to not try that since rootfs on SSD with M3 is a bad idea and trying to believe M3 would be compatible with M1 is just fooling yourself. It’s really that simple even if you are not able to understand…

Then you tried to explain 3 year old @osacie that a fork is not a spoon. And everything else that happend in this thread is you and another one calling @Tido and me as follows:

  • @sharpe351: troll, asshole, counterproductive, PART OF THE PROBLEM, should be banned from the forum, antisocial
  • @BrianBeuken: troll, lickspittle, not helping, pompous ass

@BrianBeuken c’mon! You can do better! Currently @sharpe351 has the pace but just a few more insults and you win. BTW: this describes perfectly the state of this ‘community’ here :slight_smile:

And just for your information (not your understanding). What I’ve written above is for poor souls that think about doing the same mistake and might stumble through a web or forum search accross this. :slight_smile:

Hmm, well, I guess there’s no one getting one over on you. I guess I’ll leave you in your misery… You must’ve been abused as a child and I feel genuinely sorry for you. That’s the only excuse that makes sense of your behavior that I can think of for the time being. I mean, really. You put things on here that are derogatory and demeaning and you expect people to take it… That’s just foolish.

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go away…you are a clever man, who seems to enjoy showing off how clever he is…but instead simply comes over as arrogant, mean and nasty. You and your cohorts are a blight on a community that needs help and support not your brand of trolling.

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Well Brian, you know nothing, but a lot of it.

As you lack of ability to think into others mind, you poor fellow, you miss so much around you. typical left politics - you think you know the world. you think you know how to make the world a better place - you don’t.

All you do, is talking to people with your opinion and so you just circle around