Release date Banana Pi M3 for International buyers


I read on the forum that the Banana Pi M3 is already on sale in China ( But when will the Banana Pi M3 will be available for International buyers? For example, when will I be able to buy one on Aliexpress?

It is not on sale yet. That page is a pre order. Most likey going to come out in the next month.

BPI-M3 , about a week , will public sale.

It`s Nov., so where goes the 1002 sample boards, sir? You guys promised 1002 sample boards in two threads below.

we will ready about 2015-11-15 , and will send free sample ,

When is the release date for Banana Pi M3, I am eagerly waiting after using Banana Pi version. really a fantastic product and can anyone tell me when is the release date of this project I am planning to buy 3 pieces at least. I just saw there is sample testing piece was delivering in Nov 2015. Can anyone share the results and experiences. is there any chance for me to get a sample board as well.