Banana pi BPI-M3 will send free sample for test

Hi, I am interested in the Banana Pi M3. I am making developments of many builds and would love to test out the banana pi m3 for a minecraft server. Thank you. -Ray

Hi! I would like a sample of the new m3 board to test the following things:

  • The board as a backup and git server with a small display showing some stats.
  • A low powered Media Centre/Gaming console with IPTV
  • A information panel for home automation, servers etc. Regards, Yannick

Hi @all! I can imagine working on a DIY instruction on assembling a simple, cheap self-made UPS to power a SATA disk when power supply is offline. This could be of interrest I.e. for Openmediavault, freenas, NAS solutions in general or any other application where an additional disk needs to be shut down properly. The battery sustaining the UPS would be the one attached/managed/charged by the bpi. I came up with this idea because I appreciate a lot the bpi pro battery management.

Best regards, rr

OT but also noteworthy:

Maybe lcdproc could need also some work since the settings of the memory mapped io for the rpi B+ does not work out of the box on the bpi pro. I expect the same for the bpi m3. See source of a common LCD hd44780 driver:…/hd44780-rpi.c…/hd44780-rpi.h

regards, rr

@UPS for poor: some measurements are pending but looks promising to me. it seamlessly keeps a SATA disk powered on AC is loss and turns off SATA when BPi is shut down:

Hi Guys,

I’m developer and internet provider for any embedded linux platform. I using 10 based on A20 SoC into one farm and providing services (like postfix, owncloud, www, vpn and asterisk) for many recipients. For example, my forum regarding use GPIO and any devices ( is embedded on CT3 device. I’m very fascinating about any new technology and i need use newest device to be able to control other devices. Please send me example of BPI-M3 in order to test it together with other devices.

Regadrs Blazej

I am developing an appliance and I am currently prototyping with the original Banana Pi. I would love to convert my appliance to work with the new M3 since the additional processing power will make a huge difference. I plan on launching my appliance sometime in the next couple months.

This would be perfect actually for the virtual world project i’m currently working on. The environment of the M3 would put through a machine like this through it’s paces in terms of stability and continuous i/o. I do also have a blog that would speak about this and consistent results. My blog is

Thanks for the opportunity in possibly receiving one, Matt


I want to use the BananaPi M3 for some Server Usage to Test it like a Small Home Server with smal Power Consumption and maybe as a NAS Storage, i Hope i can get an BPI M3 to Test it and Start a Blog about it.

Where is the 1000 pieces of sample boards? Which user here got one? Please post your board pictures if you got one. I doubt anyone here will get one. It is on sale now in China for 370 RMB per piece. Check the link below. You guys break your promise then open a new thread. And in the new thread you guys told us only have two boards to send. So which thread is true? I am Banana Pi fan, but I think you guys are fooling us.

Try to buy one from the link then hikalu. I doubt you can get one.

Even I don’t have one.

not in stock now . once we ready ,will send free sample at first.

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Ok, then. I hope you can send me one.

Hello. I create project. I have blog on popular portal in Poland Can make case (3d print), system and write post/test about this board.

We develop for the Banana Pi.

We have made many postings on Google+, and have been responsible for thousands of listeners hearing about the Banana Pi on several Linux Podcasts, such as “Linux for the rest of us”.

Send us the boards! We will galdly pay Fed-Ex Express Shipping so we can review the M3.

Thank you!

Code4Sale, LLC

Who I should kill for sample of Banana PI M3? :smiley:

Dear Banana PI Team,

The Banana PI M3 is the ideal board for our distributed (medical) decision support system, intended to revolutionize the ambulatory healthcare. It uses a distributed agent architecture and a graph database on top the seL4 secure microkernel. Providing us with a Banana PI M3 soon would be a tremendous help for this project (which would like to purchase more boards in the future to build a distributed prototype).

I’m a key member of the Object Management Group (OMG) and Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and would happily report about the use of the Banana PI M3 at the international conferences of these organizations.

Thank you in advance,


Hope ya get restocked soon so we can get to testing.

we stop apply for free sample now , we will choose some user to send free sample , and will send out free sample next month.

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