Pfsense / open wrt / ddwrt / tomato

What can I use on a BPI-R2? I really like the hardware, but I need software that I can use… preferably pfsense. how would I contribute to making that happen?

Will pfsense be supported by the banana pi R2? Or perhaps a future version. I really like the board, but I need to be able to install a firewall / router software that I’m familiar with. Alternatively is there support for ddwrt / open wrt or tomato?

There is a official ddwrt-image on github…

Now we just support Ubuntu 16.04(with kernel 4.4) and OpenWRT(lede) with kernel 4.9.

You can get the souce code of lede from below link:

Can you link image please as I’m really straggling to find a image from a English website thank you

i have compiled that repo and uploaded image here:

  • mtk-bpi-r2-SD.img
  • mtk-bpi-r2-EMMC.img
  • lede.img.md5

but have not tested it yet…

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Have you tested now ?

not really, but you can do it :wink: i have many construction sites and not really much free time at the moment

source code(Please note that the branch is bpi-r2-on-lede-v1)

Configurion of LEDE

TARGET=MediaTek Ralink ARM Boot Loaders=u-boot-bpi_r2 (This option is mandatory) …

How to build

make -j1 V=s


when above steps is done, we will below two images under /build_dir/target-arm_cortex-a7+neon-vfpv4_musl_eabi/linux-mediatek_32/: mtk-bpi-r2-EMMC.img mtk-bpi-r2-SD.img

How to use SD image

A SD card is requried and then install mtk-bpi-r2-SD.img to SD card by running below command: dd if=mtk-bpi-r2-SD.img of=/dev/sdb where /dev/sdb is the SD card.

And then install the SD card to R2 board, power it on, the board will boot from SD card.

How to use EMMC image

We need another system which is running on SD card to program EMMC image to EMMC, please follow below steps to do:

1. Copy EMMC image to a running system which is on SD card
2. Program EMMC image to User Data Area of EMMC: dd if=mtk-bpi-r2-EMMC.img of=/dev/mmcblk0
3. Unlock EMMC boot0 block: echo 0 > /sys/block/mmcblk0boot0/force_ro
4. Program preloader to EMMC boot0 block: dd if=mtk-bpi-r2-EMMC.img of=/dev/mmcblk0boot0 bs=1M count=1
5. Change the Partition configurion of EMMC is 48h: reboot the system which is running SD, and enter the U-boot command line, run command emmc pconf 48
6.  Power off, remove SD card, and then power on R2 board.

Added this instructions also to my wiki:

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