Is there a openwrt/lede that works on the bpi r2 that I can download from a English website?

I’ve seen a possible image but after going to a site that isn’t in English and downloading stuff I can’t read and pushing buttons I can’t read I’m still with out the file ?!? Please help

Can you please share me your email? I will send the test LEDE image for you.

Why opening a new topic? I answered you in the other 2 threads…

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@frank-w, Just out of interest why did you provide a copy of the md5 hash for lede.img and not provide the actual corresponding file?

Also, why are there no hashes for the SD.img or EMMC.img files?

lede.img contains the checksums of both files…i simply not used “imgfile.md5” as filename…

Content of lede.img.md5:

80238b6c20d1861189a91ca948d8b279  mtk-bpi-r2-EMMC.img
91567bb1bf6d72bcfd7870ba0eb68334  mtk-bpi-r2-SD.img
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@frank-w, Thanks for clarifying (I should have looked at the file before typing my previous comment).

ok, but that this?

my image is from 16th January 2018, this change is made later (6 days ago)

@frank-w, Specifically, what does the following statement actually mean: “reboot the system which is running from SD, and enter the U-boot-console”?

What is the “u-boot console” and how do I access this console?

uboot-console is only accessable via debug-uart

Thought so (could you add this information to your wiki for clarification purposes and how to use this device with Putty or Minicom)

Thankfully I purchased a CP2102 USB to TTL device only last week.

I know that my asking about the uboot console may seam a bit silly but this I am trying to demonstrate the issues about poorly worded / badly formed instructions and lack of information.

Which Information do you need exactly? In my wiki there is described that uboot is accessable via debug-uart (how to use that is linked there).

@frank-w, Where in the page is there any link related specifically to the usage of the debug-uart?

debug-uart is not lede-specific…go 1 level up to bpi-r2 overview

there should all necessary linked which is not os-specific

@frank-w “there should all necessary linked which is not os-specific”.

I would suggest that if you are going to mention the uboot console on the page then there needs to be a link to this other page (after all, how is the user going to know which page to review when reading the first page – not everybody is willing to examine multiple pages before finding the correct information – this seams to be the attitude from various governmental / public sector based organisations and is an inefficient usage of viewing instructions / corresponding pages).

Have added that link.

Btw. I’m a private person without any business relation to bpi-team. I’ve created the wiki in my freetime to share my personal experience and some of some other forum-users in a more usable way (structured) than here in the forum

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@frank-w, From another person that tries to help, support and educate other users with open source products and technologies, I do appreciate the issues surrounding producing good and well written documentation (especially by those of us who do this within our own free time). Therefore, I personally do appreciate when somebody else examines and critiques my documentation.

I have notice a real lack of input within this forum from both the bpi admin team and Sino-VoIP, and do recognise that you are spending a lot of time helping users of this forum. Again, it would be nice if either the admin team or members of Sino-VoIP would contribute more to this forum. As well as producing good documentation for their distro implementations. – I think you might have noticed a rant that I wrote within this forum a couple of week ago which criticised the admin team about this matter. Also, when reading comments from other forums about Sino-VoIP, it seams that this company has not truly encompassed the ideas of the open-source movement, as well as providing limited support for their products (which must be somewhat frustrating for yourself).

I am a long term supporter of the Nethserver project (URL provided below). NS does have a good forum in which the developers and the admin team does actually participate in. The NS staff actively encourages their users to support others (which sadly is lacking from this forum).

I personally have supported NS since April 2015, and whilst I provide limited direct help to the users, I do provide information about various projects, give suggestions and have just recently started writing articles about the history of the open-source movement, as well as written articles about usage of various technologies.

I am also a contributor to the social medium platform (a platform that is based on the ideals of the open-source movement, as well as encouraging free speech and open dialogue). This platform allows me and others to talk about new development, as well as to examine various political issues (both within the open-source movement and other aspects of modern life).

I tend to use as a testing ground for various articles. I also have released all my current articles on this platform (URL provided below). Also, I do contribute regularly to the user group and help / support groups.

I would love to contribute to this and other open-source based projects (but again, I am disappointed with the attitude of this forums admin staff).


I think we all experience the limited support from BPI team, but bringing it to their attention over and over probably will not change it either.

Then I most certainly don’t mean to be rude and I sincerely appreciate your very clearly formulated contributions, but you must forgive Frank for keeping his wiki and responses on this forum short and efficient, as he is currently almost, if not the only one that is keeping the community for this product alive. Instead I suggest you start writing some documentation yourself and we can work towards a properly supported and documented BSP together. All the help you can offer is very welcome, we all have our specialties!

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@BitMaster, Thanks for providing the information and it is a real shame that the BPI team (and Sino-VoIP) does not really want to support their user base or provide further support for their products (which is very telling of their business strategy). Whilst I do like Sino-VoIP products, this issue should be considered as a major criticism of their organisation and how they treat their customers.

Judging from the other threads within this forum, I do believe that Frank is doing his level best to support this community, if I can help and make some sort of difference, I will try and endeavour to help.

However, I will make this extremely serious point. The single board computer market is a very competitive market place and bad reputations could effect the future revenue of the developers of these boards. We are only starting to see a real uptake within this market and I personally don’t want to spend effort on projects that are going to fail due to deliberate complacency from the product developers / manufactures.

Saying that, due to the open-source ethos that is being portrayed by Sino-VoIP and BPI, I am willing to support this project for the moment but I do expect to see an improvement in the attitude of the BPI admin and dev teams (especially if they are intending to release new boards within a open-source based framework).

As said above, if I can help then I will try and support this community. Could Frank or yourself suggest any aspects that I could provide support for.

Also note, that due to my intention to setup a new business and my collaboration on other projects, I do have limited resources for any single project but again, will try and endeavour to support this community within reasonable expectations.

I’m now find where the problem is. Maybe that problem will not show up on you.