One Step nearer to the 1-Wire support. 3 of 4 Modules work

1 Wire is not supported at the Moment. 3 of 4 Modules work. The only one which dont work is the: w1-gpio.

I have changed this File:


afther that you copy the modules and uImage.

Follow the inscrutions of…

At least you can start the modlules sudo modprobe wire sudo modprobe sunxi-gpio sudo modeprobe w1-sunxi gpio=3 to gpio=… the pin you want sudo modeprobe w1-therm

this fails: sudo modprobe w1-gpio

So i hope the developers use that Infos to get 1-Wire work. :thumbsup:

At least sorry for my bad englisch…

Sorry, but your whole approach can’t work. The simple truth: You bought the only SBC in the world where the vendor chose to not enable 1-wire. I don’t know what they think about this… but it’s essentially just a shame.

You can copy modules and uImage to whereever you want, it won’t work. The kernel is normally part of an initrd so unless you fix uEnv.txt/fatload stuff they tried to implement (but failed and since they don’t test their software and don’t listen to their users they didn’t even notice – note: Both instructions and code are broken!) the uImage you copied over won’t be used at all.

The missing piece to get 1-wire working is here:

So you need to either recompile the whole BSP and fix this in sys_config.fex or you try to follow my instructions how to install their latest stuff and how to fix uEnv.txt to make reading of script.bin work: BPI-M3 new image:bpi-m3 Ubuntu 16.04 Beta Mate

Since then you can use the usual way to alter script.bin’s contents (bin2fex, edit and fex2bin later)

For further questions please ask @BrianBeuken, he’s the person who tells other users to leave the forum so I would suspect he can answer all your questions (since the vendor usually doesn’t respond to questions like yours)