CPU Performance Review of SBCs

In comparison to the other H3 SoC in the test the Orange Pi’s, the M2+ does never reach the same performance.

@sinovoip - can you explain that?

You could also ask them why they ignore this. After bringing the problem to SinoVoip’s attention, explaining everything in detail, providing even the solution (my fex file for M2+), they simply think: “Hey, since our customers are idiots anyway… why fix the problem when we also can ignore it?!”

Instead of adopting the solution they provide new OS images with these crappy settings only running at 1.0 GHz and killing CPU cores: [BPI-M2+] New image: Android 4.4 (Version:V1)

It’s happening again. They simply don’t care about their customers.

Well, may be they are afraid of getting good recommendations which would lead to higher sales = more work :smiley:

@sinovoip @BPI_Justin It is a bit a shame, that if TK and others show you how to fix the error - you not immediately apply these fixes and there is no excuse for that. A task that takes no longer than 2 minutes should always be done immediately = efficient.

perhaps if you didn’t insult them every time you point out an issue, they’d be more happy to work with you?

Its very clear that sinovoips grasp of English is poor, and its also very clear they are not especially involved in the software side of the project (remember a key point of open source is that its up to the community) If you really want to improve the project, contribute, rather than condemn and mock.

Which project? The ongoing SinoVoip project called ‘Taking from community what they want but not respecting their customers in any way, spreading wrong information about their products and ignoring help offers constantly’?

And that especially YOU ask ME to start contributing is… a clear indication that I really should stop posting in a forum where only the absolutely clueless remained.

Just for your information: I spent countless hours the last two months to bring Armbian to H3 devices, that means unfortunate BPi M2+ customers don’t have to use the slow and crappy OS images provided here. And once again: We offered so much help in the past that simply has been ignored again and again. I know only one vendor that shows even more moronic behaviour. And that’s LinkSprite.

you really do like the sound of your own moaning don’t you.

again even here you have to push your negative agenda, nothing but insults and abuse

why do you even bother posting? Go away, you are not helping.

yes , i very like armbian do many work, but we also try to do our best.

if you try to do a hardware ,and coworker with The chip provider, you maybe comprehend us. under linux , even not any support . we have do many work , same as you ,

i know .you like armbian ,as me , like my product , all is not the best , but we all try to do our best. need time to keep improve.

hope you like us. and support us , criticize just can make us introspection, but support maybe is a good way .


@BrianBeuken you are just a joke. It is so much fun to read your post. Are you the Jan Böhmermanns from the SinoVoip forum ?

@lionwang as I wrote here, over and over again. Your coworker should 2 x a week update the GitHub with fixes from this forum - you would be a great company, no joke.

Insults and ad-hominem attacks seem to be you and tkaisers stock in trade, its a shame since you seem to both be very knowledgeable and would be super resources to ask for help but all you do is condemn and mock. Why do you bother?

You make demands of people then resort to abuse when your demands are not met…you insult those who do not match your perceived standards or intellect, and worse you attribute malice and greed where inexperience and human failing is the most likely cause

The negativity you and a few others bring here is sickening.

The BananaPi range has flaws, there is no doubt, most of the other brands also have flaws in different ways, the trick is to work with them or around, try to fix if possible and to spread the pleasure in doing that, not to pillory and harass people.

If you wouldn’t be such an ignorant person you would be able to simply check what we did already for the community and why there’s such a high level of frustration and the need to warn potential customers. But since you lack these skills, believe this laughable forum would be a place where knowledge matters it’s pretty useless to talk to you. It seems you’re not even able to click on links to get the idea how we tried to help SinoVoip once again with the M2+ but as usual they simply don’t give a shit about their customers and release an Android image for the M2+ running only at 1008 MHz and with only one active CPU core after a certain amount of time.

And why should they change their igorant style since people like you are still here applauding them for these unbelievable actions.

Again nothing but insults and abuse both personal and to further your vendetta, as well as an overrated sense of self importance and entitlement. I have never applauded anyone, there are flaws in the system which deserve constructive critique, they do not however deserve, or will improve with, your hate and bile.

Its people like you who drive others away…prevent the sharing and spread of knowledge and make learning into a chore.

In your absence we will indeed lack a lot of technical skills, but hopefully a sense of community will thrive and the criticisms that are put forward in a constructive way will result in a more open and productive way forward.

I hope this is indeed goodbye, at least as long as you continue to act like a troll

To bad, I cannot block your comments. Such an ignorant like you is not worth spending the time to read its posting. So I have to block your comments in my brain - this should work easily as I know you are ignorant & resistant

and again…more insults…please please please do feel free to mentally block me

Actually @projectbananapi can you add a block system, it might be very useful indeed?

at the bottom of the ‘preferences’ you can at least mute users.

@Tido @tkaiser Please keep this discussion civilized. I believe we all have the capability to do so. You are free to talk about BPI as a company not being supportive and not giving a crab about customers but at least don’t insult fellow forum members.

Keep the discussions somewhat productive.

How about this point of view: If SinoVoip would spend each week two hours in fixing the basics, written in the forum - these posting above would never have happend, right?

Before searching the fault on others, look at yourself.

Why do you assume they are able or willing to do that? They are designers of hardware, not software…Their English is demonstrably terrible, and I suspect its a very small team, despite the large company backing them. Do we actually know how many software engineers they have on staff? They put what they can out to the community, only to have it savaged and see personal abuse hurled at them…I’m pretty sure I’d retreat into the shadows if I were them.

Its open source…its up to us to make it better. Telling them their are moronic idiotic,greedy, thieving, work shy, incompetents with every…single…post…isn’t going to encourage anyone to do much for you is it?

Dear Tido,

We care not only performance but also long term running stability to protect users under safer computing environment.


@Tido Plz don’t laugh too hard at the comment above. I can’t even hold back my laugh.

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