No network on bpi-r1 ubuntu server

Hi, i had this old bpi-r1 and decide to do a little project with it. for my project all I need is a linux without interface, an ssh access and a web server…

So I plugged my old bpi-r1 and load Debian 10 on it… was working great except for 2 thing, one it has this slow graphic interface and second I had to manually chose my network at every boot … if not I wasn’t able to have any network … no ip adresse nothing.

So I loaded ubuntu server and then same issue no network … I try every port but nothing …

What I’m I doing wrong ?

Hello thib5!

Welcome to this forum! I don’t really know what you’re doing wrong, because it should working (Debian 10 Buster with kernel 5.1.1 I guess? This one: BPI-M1/M1/R1 new image:Debian 10 buster mate desktop with grub support (boot-2019.07 + kernel 5.1.1))

I can think of 2 things:

  1. Board has failed
  2. Maybe you’re doing wrong at the network configuration.

But I’ve tested Armbian Buster and created a new image. It’s stable last night, so you can give it a try. Just use one port for DHCP, doesn’t matter which.

The image is posted here: 2020-04-21: Armbian Buster (4.19.62-sunxi) Preview/Test-image - Lamobo/Banana Pi R1

That’s working (default configuration), because it’s running of mine. Then you can test if it are the ports that has failed or some other problem.

Oh! And by the way! Maybe you need to be more specific, such as:

  • Which image are you using exactly? Because there are more Debian 10-based distro’s around here.
  • Are you modifying network configuration from computer (SD plugged in a Linux PC for example)?
  • If yes, what network configuration did you use?

I like to hear more from you soon!


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Ok so I tried your image and it does the same thing … I will try to explain it with as much details as I can.

So I downloaded you image and put it on my sd card ( with my Mac ) then I boot the image and the os started. At the upper right there are two green circle with something that turn around them. if I click on it I see all my network card ( even wifi one ) but no one connect … in the top section I have a section Called Available if I manually click on Wired connection 1 it connect the network ! otherwise it’s not working I’m not event get an ip adresse

This is a screenshot :

It looks like your board is damaged. I’m not an expert, but I think it. Maybe you can speak to the BPi-team and try to get a new board.

The last thing I can do is: Maybe you can send an image?

Good luck!


I see finally that you send the image. I misread it. You must click on Wired Connection 1. If you right click on the network manager, you can click on ‘Edit connections’. Then you see Wired Connect 1 > Click on ‘Edit’ > Click first tab and you see priority. Change it to 1. Optional: You can go to the second tab and change network interfaces with arrow down (icon!).

By the way, you need to get DHCP by interface name ‘eth0’. So click on eth0

Good luck!