Need a sample BPI-M3 for Poc and more orders will come from us for BananaPi

Continuing the discussion from Banana pi BPI-M3 will send free sample for test:


We are developing a R&D project for blind people. You may look our project site from here

Our project name is GülGöz and our aim is to protect blind people from injuring through a collision to obstacles while they are walking. We presented our project to Tübitak which is the Turkey’s R&D center hold by government and we were selected to start this project.

We will use image processing technology and our hardware platform will be a cluster of single-board computers. We tried both Raspberry Pi and BananaPi and we decided to go with BananaPi. We did a demo on Android and did some tests on BananaPi and you can see our v0.1 works from here

So, we need approximately 16 BananaPi in near future. Waiting your good news about sending us a one sample BPI-M3 Octa Core for our valuable project.

You may reach our contact info and postal address from here

Best regards, Eray

please send mail to [email protected] she will full support you.

Thanks for your support. I contacted wit the email address you gave.