MikuDuino vs WiringPi


I just discovered this article showing a sample of use (blink) with GPIO.

Could you please explain what is the differences between MikuDuino and WiringPi ?

Sincerely thanks.

WiringPi was write for Raspberry Pi, it is widely everyone, It has also been ported to various versions of BPI, such as BPI-M1,M2 & M3. MikuPi is an Arduino like Library, it is basic & tiny, We use this library more like Arduino, it could work all versions of BPI include BPI-M2+, MikuPi is a new thing, in our efforts to grow rapidly.

Thank you for your attention, we hope more valuable advice

Dear BPI_Q,

thank you for your reply.

Then I presume it could be easy to get back informations coming from 433 MHz sensors by using the standard 433 MHz receiver.

I means I thing to use my BPi M2P to get 433 MHz Temperature and Humidity from 3 place of my house. For this I will use this available 433 MHz mini weather station that gives both temperature and humidity. And I will put three of them in different place in my house.

In the same idea I though to get the sensor value of this motion detection PIR 433 MHz sensor.

When tested could you please add the schematic connection and samples code on your book ? Could you also tell us what is the shield board (in black you used on the main page of this ebook ? Because I never saw it before and that could perhaps be interesting for my projects :wink:

Could you confirm that the GPIO map you mentioned here has the same GPIO order than the BPi M2+ ?

Sincerely thanks for all :wink:

you are great to find out MikuDuino’s gitbook!

That has just begun, not add details, we will make reference to the gradual improvement of your suggestions.

I am also very interested in the project weather station, you need is a universal demand, we will consider giving priority to related testing

MikuDuino have two GPIO map, one is same as WiringPi(wPi 8\9\7…), one is Physical pin (D3\D5\D7), it define in MikuDuino.h & MikuPi.cpp

Dear BPI_Q,

  1. Do you know if mikuduino could receive 433 MHz from three mini weather station or only fom one ? How are they identified separatly ?

  2. Does Mukuduino also work on Orange Pi and as I already have a Banana Pi R1 (router) on which run the OpenWRT operating system how could I get Mikuduino working on this operating system (to be able to use my router GPIO) ?

Sincerely thanks.

  1. I browsed several products, you say, it seems that all French language, I do not know if they offer SDK, with respect to these products, or have a demo application under the relevant arduino.

In general, 1 to n of the collection we use more 24L01 +, one kind of SPI module in 2.4G or WIFI/BLE/Zigbee…

  1. In addition to BananaPi, we worked on NanoPi test, the same applies, except GPIO map differences, no sample OPI, although in theory applicable H3 soc.

MikuDuino on BPI-R1 can be used, but linux system, is not OpenWRT, not tried。


by using the OpenWRT in Virtualbox you may test if it works and give some feedback. I talk about feedback because I need to know how to install and use it on OpenWRT.

I will wait your feedback.

Thank you :wink: