MikuDuino GPIO control based MikuPi for BPI-M2+ and M3

now Only Blink, project pages: https://github.com/bpiq/MikuPi download and build

git clone https://github.com/bpiq/MikuPi.git
cd MikuPi
sudo make

run example

cd examples
gcc -Wall -o blink blink.c -lMikuDuino
sudo ./blink

pic by Qubot on BPI-M3 http://7vznrd.com1.z0.glb.clouddn.com/data/attachment/forum/201606/03/001649mmt44atr4wa3y44m.gif

example code: https://github.com/bpiq/MikuPi/blob/master/examples/blink-qubot.c

 * blink-qubot.c:
 *	Welcome to MikuQ.com! MikuDuino for BananaPi 
 *     by MikuQ([email protected]) 2016-6-3
 * https://github.com/bpiq/MikuPi

#include "MikuDuino.h"

int led = 13;

void setup()
	pinMode (led, OUTPUT) ;

void loop()
	digitalWrite (led, HIGH) ;
	digitalWrite (led, LOW) ;

GPIO 13 is wringPi’s IO-13(Physical IO-21),we can use D21 for Physical IO-21 in MikuDuino

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test MikuPi on BPI-M2+