LCD Touchscreen on M3


I bought the LCD Touchscreen for Banana Pi ( But it is not working. How I connect it to the M3? Or isnt it compatible?

Of course it’s incompatible:

Why do you expect a Banana Pi accessory being compatible to an SBC called “Banana Pi”?!

BTW: Returning the LCD and buying the 7"-HDMI with 1024x600 from Pollin won’t help either since then you will experience this ‘support situation’: Dual LCD + HDMI Support

And it won’t help even if you manage to configure the HDMI stuff correctly since the BPi team disables every touchscreen controller except the one for their own 5" TFT:

Always remember: Every Banana past the M1 is a product without any support.

I want to use it with Android. And in the video where they show that Android 5.1.1 is working on BPI-M3 they use the same Touchscreen.

Again: 800x480 pixel:

This is LeMaker’s 7" panel you bought: 1024x600 pixel:

Different displays, right? You try to use another display than the one they want to sell you? Be prepared to get the usual SinoVoip response: BPI-M3 android 5.1.1 test hardware function - #19 by jfdez82 (nothing)

BTW: They tried to fix the TS stuff 17 days ago:

And now have a look how old the Android image is (3 days older). And to which video do you refer where one could see that TS is working?

I’m using the TOUCHSCREEN LCD 7 "S070WV20-CT16 with Banana Pi M64 and the touch screen is not working on Android 6.0.1 Release 2018-10-24! I already tried compiling the kernel 6.0.1 android 3.10 with the (bpi-m64-lcd or bpi-m64-lcd7) option and the touch screen does not work! The second problem I noticed is that from HDMI connected in android 6.0.1 kernel 3.10 (bpi-m64-lcd or bpi-m64 -lcd7), The Banana Pi M64 does not booting! Can anyone help me? Sorry my English! :smile:

Especification, my touch screen: BPI_TouchScreenLCD7