Dual LCD + HDMI Support

Hi, I need support for LCD and HDMI (cloned) simultaneously. Is this possible? If so, how to configure it under android and Linux (Raspbian)

I’ve seen that need to be cofigured under script.bin (, but I’m unable to find it).

As previous user of Cubieboard, I know that there are several variable that can be modified, don’t know how to do it on BPI-M2. http://linux-sunxi.org/Fex_Guide#disp_init_configuration Any help would be appreciated.

Regards Martin

You bought a product that receives zero support by the manufacturer. If you use their crappy outdated OS images with kernel 3.3 then there is no script.bin because they use such an outdated u-boot version where script.bin doesn’t exist as a separate file but has to be compiled statically into the bootloader.

So you’ve to either upgrade to OS images using mainline u-boot and kernel (where display stuff works totally different and maybe on the M2 not at all if you want two displays simultaneously) or you have to recompile ‘the SDK’ (as they call it – just a bunch of weird scripts and partially proprietary software stuff from the SoC manufacturer) from the ground to alter anything related to display settings.

Informations on linux-sunxi won’t help (except of the first sentences here) because no one in the linux-sunxi community expected that a vendor uses such horribly outdated u-boot and kernel versions for his OS images.

Regarding Cubieboard: that one uses the A20 SoC like Banana Pi M1/M1+. The M2 uses the incompatible A31s SoC so informations for A20 don’t apply here. Same is the case with the M3 and its A83T SoC. Totally incompatible. The manufacturer simply abuses the ‘Banana Pi’ brand to trick potential customers into believing they get hardware with working software. And ignores any support requests.

Maybe worth a read: http://www.bananapi.com/index.php/forum/general-discussion-for-bpi-m2/895-status-quo-of-m2-regarding-software-support (and this will happen again with the M3 since they didn’t learn a single lesson)

Hi, thanks for your reply. BPI-Team. I’ve tried to recompile android image (How to build Android 4.4.2 Image for BPI-M2) by modifying sys_config_7-touchscreen.fex file:


with the follwing change:

[disp_init] disp_init_enable = 1 disp_mode = 4

screen0_output_type = 3 screen0_output_mode = 5

screen1_output_type = 1 screen1_output_mode = 4

The displays starts (see alwinner logo) but the both LCD and HDMI dont work. I need to cloned outputs. Someone from BPI team can help me how to configure dual screen?

Regards Martin

Hi, I’ve recompiled also with

disp_mode  = 2

with same result (only A31 logo on the display). I’ve connected using serial ports and operating system is working, but no LCD or HDMI output. Please, BPI team, need help! Regards Martin