Lamobo R1 Debian base image - only for test

this is pure Debian base image of Buster without GUI and another stuff. Image doesn’t contain anything from Armbian, there is no tools from Armbian, only pure Debian installed via serial line. This image is primary for mhog but feel free to test it too, and please report your testing :wink: If there is no support from Armbian anymore, then I am looking for another source.

  • Kernel : 4.19 as same as in production Debian

  • hostapd : there is original hostapd from debian, for newer kernel is not needed hostapd-realtek

  • Swap was disabled, vm.swappiness is set to 0 (it is a pitty idea IMHO)

  • legacy naming of interfaces was enabled (wlan0) and output is enabled for serial line and HDMI

  • realtek fw was installed from non-free

  • all repos was enabled : main non-free contrib

  • ondemand governor was setted on cpufreq

  • dhcp client and openssh server enabled on eth0 …


This image is only for test, please… there is no support and I tested it only 24 hours with stress.

pi: bananapi
su -
root: bananapi

resize of image is possible to do by fdisk :


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Nice! I will test it out…

I’m curious how it was build. As in How to generate a R1 image by myself?

I don’t know how to do it properly (or debian way), but partition was resized by resize2fs, fdisk and image was created like (msdos partition table is on beginning of disk with 2 primary parititon 255MB/boot+2G/root) is for dd if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=/someimage.img bs=1M count=2560 …
It is a test image then I didn’t read some procedure and I keep it simple…
Debian was installed via official procedure :
As I say … I don’t need wifi on box or sofisticated switch things, I have all in one vlan. I am looking for image to use stable distribution on HDD (U-boot is on flash). Due a HDD this box is ideal for home assistant and some ansible things :smiley: f.

I don’t want to hijack @mhog post, so I copied the quote over here. HW, yes and no - it is not missing a lot and or can be fixed: New hardware revision of R1?

Just lately, I read from a guy who says with a heat sink on the WiFi chip (RTL8192) he got it in a stable/functional situation. I had the same dream, but basically to run the system (root) of the SDcard is no problem and you can have a partition for /var (log files) on the HDD. Why make your life unnecessary hard :slight_smile: right? Better spend time on ansible & docker.

How you will setup the Switch b53125 with DSA is up to you and maybe the last thing you need to care about :wink:

Last but not least, my document saves you some time - so take the knowledge that fits to your needs. Learn about armbian and take in any case a Kernel above 4.x because the 5.x has so many good features like fast SATA.

But you did. Respect.

Thanks for telling that images can be created without fancy tooling.

Regards Geert Stappers

How still hasn’t started creating images with debos

I know it’s an oldy, but I’d like to boot this image. Somehow I ended up with network boot, which it can’t complete. Will dive into it, but when you have some tips, that would help a bit.