How to compile armbian with desktop for banana pi m2+ zero?

How to compile armbian with desktop for banana pi m2+ zero?

thanks all information.

I try get help on armbian forum , and i receive this informations :

If possible , i need help on ths task .

Sorry, Carlos, can’t help with armbian, but I am using Ubuntu MATE image from this website:

Overall, works pretty good.

Only thing I miss is ethernet support, but WiFi works well.


Sorry , in my case i need , one distribution compiled , to meet my needs .


It is already compiled, just download image file and install to a storage card.

I need more than just a ready image, I need to be able to create my own image, with updates that I use. I need information, drivers, kernel compatible, uboot compatible end more.

I use as router openwrt, for this use and more I have options is not standard on this imagem.

Thanks you try help

@sinovoip @sinovoip1 , is possible share information to create image armbian ?

In my case , i need recompile after news patchs security , is one example i need compile armbian .

I think I found the right process :slight_smile:

Procedure :

File to enter version of my card:

I will inform the result

More things @sinovoip

I need more info and procedures …

i found this article , is very nice : and BPI-M2+ new image:How to build armbian for bpi-m2+

But a need too information for kernel 4.+ …