Green led keeps flashing, no boot

Hi, my new BPI-M4 has just arrived. I connected many usb type C power adapters, using different images downloaded from : and burned and verified to a brand new SD 32GB card. But BPI-M4 keep flashing the green led and does not boot. Red led is still. There’s HDMI signal, but the screen is black. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance.


I have the exact same problem.

My SD card is 32g class 10,
My BPI is v1.0,

My steps :

I install the OS on the SD card from my laptop (debian 10) using the recommended bpi-tools
Then I disconnect it , and plug in to the BPI board, SW switch to 0 (SD boot), a usb keyboard, and a mouse
then I plug my power supply to the board (tried from my laptop usb port and my phone power-supply witch output 5V 3amp)

the results :

the two leds light on (activity and power), then the green one (act) start blinking like heartbeat, and the screen is detected and set black.
after that, nothing else happen.

the board seems to react to keystrokes : Ctrl+Alt+Suppr seems to make the board to reboot, the recommended Alt-F1 then Alt-F7 make the green led off, but not at first attempt.

Finallly found a solution.

Simply keep Ctrl+Alt+F1 down until bpi commandline appear at screen (2 to 5 seconds).

solution in the wiki should be corrected, i don’t konw if i can modify it myself yet.

what bpi commandline? and “solution in the wiki” is means what? for linux, Ctrl+Alt+F1 is switch to tty1 fb console.