BPI-M4 Black Screen on Boot

Hi there!

I recently bought a BPI-M4 (v1.0, 2GB) and am in the process of setting the board up. Unfortunately i didn’t have much success until now. I tried it with different SD-cards and card-readers and i tried out all images from this Link (as pointed to from the “Getting Started”-page). I tried copying the images to the sd-card using dd, bpi-copy and Etcher, where Etcher always threw an Error.

The only thing that succeeded once was the Ubuntu 16.04 server-image, but when i tried to connect to a WIFI-network via nmtui i got a segfault followed by a kernel-panic! After that the board didn’t respond and i pulled the power-plug.

The behavior i’m observing since then is the following: When a newly flashed SD-card is inserted and the board is powered up, the red LED lights up and the green LED blinks. The board only powers up, when the HDMI-cable isn’t plugged in. The screen remains black when booted up, even though it isn’t deactivated. I don’t see any text on the screen, even if i wait 15 Minuten after powering the board up. Also pressinf CTRL-ALT-F1 - F9 (as recommended by this thread) didn’t change anything.

Can someone help me out? Is there something i haven’t tried yet?