Camera on Raspbian (CSI driver) not working

Hi, i’m using raspbian on BPI M2.

I connected a bananapi camera module and i cannot get the cam working Instructions to do as claimed in some tutorials are loading the following kernel modules:

ov5640 sunxi_csi1

The sunxi_csi1 seems not to be part of the Raspbian kernel modules.

Does anyone know how to activate it?

The M2 is incompatible to the original Banana Pi and its peripherals.

All questions unanswered since August or even longer. You should keep in mind that the camera driver for the OV5640 provides very low quality and low resolution images and that CSI doesn’t work with kernel 4.x

Hi, i’m using raspbian Jessie on BPI M3 and i have de following error when i run raspivid:

  • failed to open vchiq instance

Any idea how to fix it? Thank you very much.