Feel like to do some image processing with BPI-M2?

The BPI team’s successfully supported BPI-M2’s camera module. Come on now , and get started with some image related apps!

Use Method

sudo modprobe ov5640

sudo modprobe sunxi_csi1

mplayer tv:// -tv device=/dev/video1

Video Demo:


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Looks not that good or similar than with BPi M1/M1+

Do we get more than 640x480 with around 15fps? What about the autofocus problems of the ov5640 driver? Based on the screenshot I would suspect both problems are still unresolved?

I consider no answer as a confirmation that the situation with the chosen Omnivision 5640 still sucks (max. 640x480 pixel resolution, low framerates and maybe autofocus problems as well)?

yes, it is same as m1,and M1+ , just do a new hardware , can use on M2.

Not the hardware is the problem but drivers. The bad situation regarding ov5640 leads to a camera advertised as 5-megapixel device to be only useable with VGA resolution and providing blurred images/videos.

And even if these problems would be solved sometimes in the future I would suspect that you can get an h.264/h.265 encoded video stream with hardware acceleration like it’s possible on any Raspberry Pi where ‘raspivid’ does all the encoding stuff directly on the VideoCore VPU without utilising the CPU core(s).

ok ,i will let our RD to check this .thank you .