Build Debian Image for Banana Pi SATA Port Multiplier

Build the Custom Debian Image for Banana Pi Pro SATA Port Multiplier

link webpage:

I’m going to have to request you just provide a link to the original page rather than copy and pasting my exact words as it hurts Google page ranks and hence search engine visibility.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

soryy, i have give a link at here:

or we can show your website link on our mainpage??

You are welcome to show my main page. The issue is the copy and pasting of the content. Google punishes sites that have duplicate carbon copy content (it is bad for both the forum and my own site). You are more than welcome to share links to all of my guides of course :). Copy and pasting is definitely not OK.

To be clear I need you to edit the original post in this thread and just say something like:

‘This is how to build your own image for the Banana Pi’ and provide a link. My original text needs to be removed from this forum post before Google finds it.

sorry again, i have edit it. just share a link.

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