Banana Pi BPI-M3 2nd Giveaway - Enter for a Chance to Win

yep, somebody’s just gotta say something. I’m so annoyed by this guy repeating this s**t. Please STOP the LOOPING, Mr. H

I have a wordpress blog, but I won`t promote Sinovoip product. Are you sucking their d*ck? I am speaking truth, I got nothing to hide.

we will let projectbananapi give us the user name who have winner BPI-M3, and we will send sample later.

Wow, looks like someone’s just got so mad about being lectured! Sucking d*ick? Really mature of you, you eat with that mouth or you kiss your mom with it too? As for the “Wordpress blog” which I don’t think you really have one, if you don’t show it to us and just keep talking like that, you’re really full of shit though. And I bet Sinovoip doesnt really need you, coz they didn’t pick you as one of their winnerssssssss! You can keep barking as much as you can if this can make you feel better, do it then, we all understand.


I’m student at an university in Vienna. At the moment I’m writing on my bachelor thesis with the topic “home automation with embedded systems”.

The Banana Pi M3 would be a nice development board for this work.

I hope to get one of the first boards from you… :slight_smile:

Well, The two here are given to forum member tkaiser and one of the giveaway winners Andrzej

When BPI starts shipping out the samples we will update again.

O yea, if you look at the FAQ there is in big lettering Always Be Civil

I’m puzzled. I was thinking a single entry was the same as lots of entries. I haven’t had anything to add to all this bickering, so now I have pretty much no chance of winning. Based on this, I’ve decided to order the R Pi 2…

I am planning to open a tech channel and website and need a headstart over the others and what better than the Banana pi m3.

The give away samples of M3 have been sent to the first two people.

tkaiser, an active forum member and andrzej, giveaway winner


Is there no simple way to apply for test boards like Lemaker and Orange Pi do?

I have written emails and written on facebook to try and get your attention - unfortunately no responses.

I run and would like to benchmark your board and provide ready-made media server images.

Please get in touch if you are interested as this will be the last method I use to request test boards.

The reason is simple: They have to fear independent reviews due to the state of software/drivers (I talked about with Jean-Luc Aufranc from a while ago – they never sent a board for review which is a clear sign that products suck)

For your purpose (HTPC) the Banana Pi M3 is always the worst choice since we will never see HW accelerated video decoding and the USB-to-SATA bridge used on the board is slow as hell:

It lack’s I/O bandwidth, software/drivers and support. Best thing to do with it: Avoiding.

please send a mail to [email protected] , she have send some free sample out ,you can show your website ,and ask judy to send free sample to you.

you know we not send free sample ??? ,why you just say this???, we have send about 100 free sampe BPI-M3 to user ,more user on forum have get free sample .

from we do BPI project , we have send more than 2000 pcs free sample to user .

Sent, thank you. We’ll see if I can finally test this little guy.

@Rab I only ever recommend Allwinner boards for media servers not media centers unless they have the Android support for hardware acceleration (e.g. the Orange Pi PC with H3 has an unofficial Android ROM by Superceleron for a different H3 board uses Kodi with acceleration, Netflix in 1080p etc). I am very careful to recommend devices without thoroughly testing them. Usually as long as the base drivers for SATA, USB etc are working any board will function as a media server. The USB to SATA can be an issue but still getting 47 MB/s is better than other Pi devices with only fast ethernet :smile:

Unfortunately you seem not up to date. The Orange Pi community managed to get HW accelerated video decoding in Linux. Using CedarX without any Android stuff. By simply using the software that’s available (and that Banana Pi people could also use if they wanted to do so). Just have a look into their forums:

If you review the board you’ll have to realize that you won’t be able to exceed 15/30 MB/s since they chose the slowest USB-to-SATA bridge available. And only 1 USB port is used. It’s also the wrong choice for a media server, the older M1 is way more faster for this purpose than the overpriced M3.

Thank you Rab I did miss that announcement. Personally I think Android gives you more flexibility but it’s great to see OpenELEC working.

I do the benchmarks for fun (I like science and statistics) and it is to help inform users about what they can expect.

Like you, I do hope we will see true SATA on an SBC that is affordable one day.

We have them already. The marketing person behind @sinovoip also advertises these features relying on your work: Build Debian Image for Banana Pi SATA Port Multiplier

According to Olimex we will see an A20 successor with 4 CPU cores next year. Great news since with just little efforts we then have a SoC with enough horsepower and I/O bandwidth and already mainline support.

Oh no, thank you for showing me that. I can’t have my work copy and pasted anywhere as it hurts Google visibility.

I will keep an eye out for the Olimex A20, do they plan to use a different USB to SATA bridge or replace it with a real SATA controller?

They did this several times already. This @sinovoip marketing person is busy all day long copy&pasting stuff from other sites to flood these forums in the most dorky way possible. They’re so busy doing this sort of daft marketing bullshit that they don’t find the time to fix the many issues with their products.

And most of the times they publish really outdated/wrong informations with this weird copycat approach. Stuff that might’ve been useful one year ago but is now not necessary any more. Nobody benefits from these efforts…

I believe I didn’t understand regarding ‘a real SATA controller’. It’s simply not possible with the SOCs they chose after M1/M1+. They all lack SATA and other highspeed interfaces to connect a SATA controller to. And I doubt they will replace the ultra-slow USB-to-SATA bridge since they’re obviously targeting morons only with these ‘marketing methods’ and believe no one will notice that it’s not SATA.

Why is there so much hate on this forum in particular?

I have 20+ SBC’s from 8 or 9 makers of various levels of support but the hate spilling over here is unreal. Its open source …which means its not up to the people at Banana to get things working for you, though they clearly are trying their best. Its up to us…the community to put it all together.

Sure, its got faults…which is why they do small runs, get feedback and revise…its annoying that my Rev1 M3 can’t handle a wired keyboard but a powered hub fixes the issue… but its not the end of the world. Keep the faith, they’ll fix what they can, and you are all free to fix what you can to make the community stronger and the support better.

Its also amazingly clear that English is a problem language for the admins, and things are often lost in their approach, they do their best, I’d like to see you ask some questions in Chinese if you want to get proper clear answers.

They did something wonderful here…let them continue and support them.