BPI Zero M2 - Latest image that can support amiga emulator?

I would like to get the latest image I can install on the Banana Pi M2 Zero, to run Amiga emulator.

I have been looking everywhere and found the latest armbian but it does not work with OTG; so can’t use even a keyboard with it (not sure how you even use it without USB peripherals connected to it); tried other images on the wiki but the links does not even work, so I am stuck.

Which one is a good image that would run a decently recent version of Linux for my M2 Zero (I don’t need desktop environment, I am fine with just terminal mode), that can also install something like Amiberry? Thanks

:thinking: That’s strange! I’m using Armbian 23.11.0-trunk.197 Lunar with Linux 6.5.5-edge-sunxi and I’m doing fine with a Logitech unifier plugged into the OTG port. It’s working as regular USB port with a micro to USB A adapter; I’ve also plugged a splitter just fine.

Trying now with that build then; I got the latest available for download and no matter what, the USB port won’t work.

Read this thread: https://forum.banana-pi.org/t/bpi-m2-zero-cant-get-keyboard-to-work/15666

Was a lot of work to fix it… I needed a VM running linux to disable the module that turn off OTG; but now I am good to go.

I was also able to build no problem Amiberry; and it runs decently well. Although it is clear to me that the BPI Zero M2 is not really made for running Amiga emulation as primary thing, as just running the OS is taking 50% of the resources before the emulator is even starting…

Not sure if anyone even considered making a minimalist Amiga build for these boards but it seems that it is not a thing that can be done