BPI-M2-Zero Can't get keyboard to work

I got 2 BPI-M2-Zero boards, both with the same problem. I can’t get a keyboard to work. Lights never even flash, no capslock etc. No power to the mouse either. Both boards boot fine but I can’t go anywhere from there. I’ve tried 3 different keyboards. All of which work on my raspberry pi zero w. I’ve tried the latest armbians: Armbian_23.5.2_Bananapim2zero_jammy_current_6.1.30.img Armbian_23.5.2_Bananapim2zero_bookworm_current_6.1.30.img

Did I just get two bad boards?



Hi, Hi Mickey,

No your boards are not bad. I had the same problem with the same image versions. Apperently USB is not working of this armbian version. I ended up using the UBUNTU variant as seen on the wiki-pages: https://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-M2_ZERO#Armbian

Regards, Erik

armbian disable microusb host mode since 5.17, you can apply this patch m2zero_armbian_6.x_enable_otg_host.patch (5.0 KB) and build armbian image by yourself to enable otg host mode.

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Hi August,

Thank you, that clears some questions :slight_smile:

Regards, Erik (Enthusiastic RPI user and BPI newbie)

I’m going to reply just in case someone else hits this.The bana-pi’s usb is kind of sensitive. I had a micro usb to usb-C adaptor and a usb-C to standard to plug in the keyboard. (aka 2 daisy-chained adaptors) This setup worked on my pc and the raspberry pi zero w but NOT the banana-pi. I think it’s not as fault tolerant. I even did a self-made adaptor that worked everywhere but the banana-pi. It’s only 6$ for two of the single adaptors so if anyone is having trouble, it’s well worth it.

Adaptor Link

Can you please explain how to patch? I’m a newbie for these kinds of things

Sorry i just dont understand so the BP m2 zero worked only with the adapters you linked and you didnt have to change OS or anything else?? Thanks in advance.

Yes, exactly. I had other adaptors that worked with the R-pie but not the M2-zero. I was shocked when the one I listed worked. I used the two mainline distros I listed above and they both worked.

another simple way is disable load g_serial module


anyone reading this topic in 2023 by the fall, I suggest you just follow this procedure: 1- ignore any patch posted above, don’t buy any new otg cable whatsoever. 2- just load the image to your sd card as usual, does not matter via windows, linux or balena etcher etc. 3- get a linux machine or virtualbox on your windows 4- open a terminal and sudo chmod -R 777 ‘/media/whateveryourusername/armbi_root/etc/modules’ 5-open the modules e.g. via nano or something, sudo nano ‘/media/whateveryourusername/armbi_root/etc/modules’ 6- Put # to front of g_serial in the first line and save. 7-Save your nerves for real life challenges, not for this or absurd/incomplete/lazy suggestions.

That is it.


What they said is great! Thanks for an easier solution than patching/building a distro. If anyone is having trouble getting a keyboard to work, first download a full desktop disro. If it fails then it’s the problem I had (hardware) otherwise adjust your os as above.

thanks and happy hacking!