BPI-R1 Snappy_ubuntu_beta kernel 4.2 _Docker beta V4.0 image release

BPI-R1_Snappy_1.0_Docker_hdmi image

download link:

Release Note: 1,Support BPI-R1 2,uboot : 2015-7 3,linux kernel: 4.2. 4,ethernet work fine 5,WIFI driver work fine 6,user name/pass: ubuntu/ubuntu 7,this is just a test version.

running interface:



I just bought a new SD Card of 16 Gb.

How could I install this image on this SD Card by knowing I work on a linux computer ? When this image will be installed does it automatically boot or must I do something to get this SD Card bootable ? Then what are the command lines to do that :smile:

  1. install your Snappy Ubuntu + Docker image on the SD Card
  2. get this SD Card bootable

Sincerely thanks and have a nice day.

Use the linux dd command. It writes and burns an image to a storage device. It will also make the card bootable.

Linux: Run sudo fdisk –l command to check the SD card node. Verify if the hash key of the zip file is the same as shown on the downloads page (optional). sha1sum [path]/[imagename] This will print out a long hex number which should match the “SHA-1” line for the SD image you have downloaded. Run umount /dev/sdxx to unmount all the partition of the the SD card Run sudo dd bs=4M if=[path]/[imagename] of=/dev/sdx command to write image file to SD card. Wait patiently to successfully complete writing. Please note that block size set to 4M will work most of the time, if not, please try 1M, although 1M will take considerably longer.You can use sudo pkill –USR1 –n –x dd command to check progress


I used your recommended dd command to test the Debian+docker+openwrt image and I just got a blinking green led without boot.

The SD card has a boot flag this why I do not understand why it does not work ?

What means this blinking green led ? Well I understood now : greenled

Then I tested the Debian+Docker+OpenWRT but … Sincerely thanks.

It may just be a semi broken image. You can see that it’s in the beta stage.

But try to see if your router assigned an ip address to it when the Ethernet port is connected.