[BPI-M64] New image: Android 6.0 (Version:V3)

Android 6.0 2017-05-11 for BPI-M64

GIt commit :1075c1587e106527b6c81d1a94fec2f2b72b8032

Release Note:

  1. Supports New WIFI-AP6212 Fw


Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1bHWhlW

MD5: f85281213b9c5b88008a487dd1b6963c


Google Drive:

Baidu Cloud: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1kVJVPGV

MD5: be27e4eced96d3de81d46e512fd978eb


that’s great! How can we get the updated source code? I have the one you made available at BPI-M64 Android 6.0.1 source code, but would like to update the firmware to the latest one. Thanks


Is there any way to acquire permanent root access?

I want to set up SSH service (SSHDroid) on port 22 which requires root/su access. I can get root access after I call adb shell setenforce 0, but it is lost after reboot, and SSH service of course cannot start up.

What is different between HDMI-version and LCD-version?

HDMI , default is for HDMI output , LCD is default for LCD output. , if you BPI-M64 connect HDMI ,please use HDMI version.

I was new to bpi-m64. & Single board computer When i try to install Android image on sd card the software says the image is not bootable. AND board didn’t taken. It shows green progressive bar How can fix that. I tried with v2 & v3. Both images are not bootable. When itry with raspbian it works well and loaded OS Help me

I would like Android with HDMI (video out ) and jack (audio out). Which Andriod version is for me (LCD, HDMI or something else )?

please choose HDMI version.

Which LCD model works by default for LCD Version image ? And Where can I get lcd screen?

Thanks. Partialy works. Android always start with HDMI audio out. I must unplug and then plug jack for switch to jack audio output ( headphones ).

I want use jack audio out always (without this “special function”). Sound system is permanently connect to jack.

I’m using the TOUCHSCREEN LCD 7 "S070WV20-CT16 with Banana Pi M64 and the touch screen is not working on Android 6.0.1 Release 2018-10-24! I already tried compiling the kernel 6.0.1 android 3.10 with the (bpi-m64-lcd or bpi-m64-lcd7) option and the touch screen does not work! The second problem I noticed is that from HDMI connected in android 6.0.1 kernel 3.10 (bpi-m64-lcd or bpi-m64 -lcd7), The Banana Pi M64 does not booting! Can anyone help me? Sorry my bad english! :slight_smile:

Especification, my touch screen: