BPI-M64 Cooling

Hi Everybody,

I have a Sinovoip Banana Pi M64. I’m trying to launch Android. I’ve tried these versions: BPI-M64_Android_HDMI_V1 BPI-M64_Android_HDMI_V2 BPI-M64_Android_HDMI_V3 2018-10-24_android8_bpi-m64-hdmi No matter what I do, the system extremely unstable. format / phoneixcard img burning / test There are a series of reboots, and many times the M64 die in the boot. I’ve already replaced a memory card because I thought this was a problem. I used a very precision lab power supply and wall plg adapter 2Amp.

Only one thing will help me if I use a freezer spray. If I sometimes cool the pcb, it is more stable. Installation is going on and after installation, android will start. Of course, it does not work perfectly either because applications are often close. But at least it does something.

I would like to ask that this phenomenon is normal? Is it necessary to attach the heatsink to the processor? Or it could be that this pcb is wrong (what i have)?

Thank you! Roland.

Trying to download the image to emmc instead of TF Card, TF Card is not a boot media for android.

I tried it. I’m not using an external micro sd card now. I uploaded the V3 Android6 using PhoenixSuit. No difference. This is a picture taken with a thermal camera. The processor is 61.2 Celsius. The Android6 V3 only starts if I use freezer sprays. The temperature is between 0 and 5 degrees. Very interesting, I do not know why this is. There is no problem with Android 8.1. This version is still running properly if I do not freeze the processor.


Please test with the latest m64 android6,7,8 images from http://wiki.banana-pi.org/Banana_Pi_BPI-M64#Image_Release or Banana PI BPI-M64 New Images :Android 6.0 & 7.0 & 8.1 Release 2018-10-24

Hi, I’ve tested this version: (2018-10-24_android6_bpi-m64-hdmi) It seems stable. There was no freezing. And there was no system restart either. I can only set the youtube resolution up to 720p. I made a video, here you can see I try it with and without a heatsink. In both cases it seems stable. It is very interesting that the previous version was started, but only with very aggressive cooling. This works, however, with and without the heatsink.

Thanks for the advice!