BPI-M4/BPI-W2 Demo Image Release : Ubuntu Mate 18.04 & Ubuntu Server 16.04 2019-06-18

BPI-M4 & BPI-W2 New Image Release : Ubuntu Mate 18.04 & Ubuntu Server 16.04 2019-06-18

1.About this release

  • This release is for banana pi M4 & W2 board, and it is based on Ubuntu Mate 18.04 & Ubuntu Server 16.04 Operation system with kernel 4.9.119.

2.BPI-M4 Ubuntu Mate 18.04

3.BPI-M4 Ubuntu Server 16.04


  • Issue: if HDMI doesn’t display, please try “ctrl + alt + F1” to change terminal then “ctrl + alt + F7” change to desktop display.

  • SW2: switch to 0,if insert SD, SD start;if doesn’t insert SD,EMMC start.


whats the password for this image?

please try : pi bananapi or root bananapi

Ubuntu Server 16.04 image has several problems:

  • SD card slot does not work after boot from eMMC
  • audio output not working (there are no ALSA drivers)
  • BT and BLE not working (there are no drivers)
  • WiFi not working

How to fix these issues ? @sinovoip

I am facing issues with sound. I have connected my headphone in the audio jack but it doesn’t play a thing. Can anyone help please?

Hello. The source code for the 5.10 kernel appeared on git (https://github.com/yourwificz/BPI-M4-bsp/tree/5.10.y), which supports the realtek chip for bpi4. I compiled it but could not figure out how to configure the loader so that the assembly is loaded. Could you, with your experience, make a ready-made SD/eMMC image for bpi4? This should bring the board back to life - I’m going to put a Klipper with it.