BPI-M3 SOFTWARE support from SinoVoip

About SOFTWARE and how you support the community:

in Bananapi.com Forum is says

  • we will update to github about 2015-11-15 all driver on BPI-M3. In the FOSS (free libre open source software) community we like to help. So release early, release often is very common. Why do you wait so long, Nov. 15. ?

DTS ; DTB do you have engineers working on that? Device Tree Source ; Device Tree Blob Will you upload it separately to GitHub so we can easy find it?

yes, we have all code on github, just for Private now ,we need few day to optimize it .

I love it when someone calls weeks just days. That’s so funny! :smile:

https://github.com/BPI-SINOVOIP?tab=repositories (your answer is 3 weeks old and the last change in github also 3 weeks)

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@sinovoip - you promised to deliver. As a daughter company of FOXCONN you should have the ManPower and the Power to get all you need from Chip-Manufacturer to make good software. What is the reason, that there is no fresh software for the product launch of the M3?

And since when do YOU call month weeks?

Hi @lionwang @sinovoip @BPI_Justin,

I am wondering if you guys have an engineering degree in software development or if you only know how to build hardware. I mean, the M3 software /github is far from good and all you do is “creating” one “distro” after the other?

This looks to a western (USA /Europe) like: We have no clue how to fix the stuff, but my boss said I should do anything so it looks like we are active. So I create every three (3) day a knew Linux flavor - same bad shape as all before.

So western (USA /Europe) see that and think this is pathetic. Obviously it is not that you have no time, because you create bad Linux flavor almost every day. If you have NO clue about software development for new hardware, why don’t you hire a student or an engineer for two (2) weeks to help you ?


we have finished all driver development on linux kernerl 3.4 , all can working fine. we must support some image at first ,

we now coworker with allwinner with GPU and video decode . next week will konw the result.

we optimize our linux code now .

for mainline linux support , hope everyone can help us.

@BPI_Justin, @lionwang

In your download folder on Google Drive you still have NON functioning images. Will you remove the faulty images from November today ?

Dear Tido,

Firstly, I’d like to clarify one thing about SINOVOIP is not one of Foxconn subsidiaries, this company is Foxconn Banana Pi subcontractor. Although Foxconn has over 1 million staff in global but our major manpower for serving OEM/ODM projects.

I’m the Banana Pi PM at Foxconn, I feel so sorry that our man power is shortage, however, we’ll improve it step by step. Pls list major issues as priority, I’ll ask our Linux SW RD to handle it by priority subject to your list. We’re asking more man power to support Banana Pi, but need take time, pls be patient!

Nora Banana Pi PM from Foxconn

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Hi Nora,

Just for my understanding, why does a huge company like Foxconn create a product like Banana Pi. Are you awaiting to sell Millions like the Raspberry Pi does (this is absolutely okay to me) ?


Hi Tido,

Do you know why Broadcom create Raspberry Pi real purpose? I knew it after I asked them. However, each company creates a project has different purposes. I’m not allowed to leak out our company inner plan. I also didn’t want to broadcast Broadcom’s plan either. This company is one of our company chipset vendors, we have close relationship.

We’ll do our best to improve Linux SW but gossip above two firms. If you have any major priority issues, you can list them by ordering, thus we can try to solve. Not all of bugs or SOC bottleneck we can conquer it depends on our SOC vendor support, uboot or kernel developers assistance then.


Hi Nora,

I didn’t expect you to tell me all you know, I just wanted to know how much you know about the SoC business :wink:

I wrote a google docs - because it is not just the software - you have to change more You can comment inside the doc or write to me on this forum, if you like.


Dear Tido,

I have been knew Broadcom sales over 10 years, we are good friend until now. Of course, I know how much about the SOC biz. I’m busy on BPI M3 recently, BTW, can you give us good advices for Banana Pi? Since you would like us to change more not only SW but HW! I’ll take time to study your docs this week.


Dear Tido,

I replied your personal message that email delivery failed.Can you provide your email address? I will give some comment by an email but revising your google docs directly. As you are the arbiter, we are one of SBC players. I can’t revise your text before your judgement, it’s more objective for your introduction!


Look at Github, it took your engineers seven (7) days to add a commit from the community. This is lousy support of your company.

And old unsable images (as written above) are still in the download area !! This is in no way a respectable behavior.

I recommend you all to look at www.lemaker.org they read your comments and try to solve it. or you can commit and they check and add it.

Bananian was LeMaker, but since the fight in court the Bananian is hardware with NO software No no software. And bad MicroUSB connector

to follow up from this thread

Here you go:

The Android source tree is located in a Git repository hosted by Google. The Git repository includes metadata for the Android source, including those related to changes to the source and the date they were made. This document describes how to download the source tree for a specific Android code-line.