Banana pi M3 / DISPLAY LCD 3,5


I’d like to buy the new Banana pi M3 and run Android OS.

I need M3 performances, bluetooth to interface external GPS and WIFI.

first step is to verify with your support if M3 can handle these features (BT and WIFI) running linux OS.

is it fully compliant?

if yes, it is a good choice for me, and the next step is to understand the connectivity with 3,5" touch LCD.

this screen (designed for banana pi using internal connector directly on the board) is fully supported by M3 model?

is it supported using linux OS on M3…

Finally I need to have M3+BT+WIFI+3,5 touch LCD, running linux…

yes, it is support BT and WIFI on board. it support MIPI interface for touch LCD.

but we now only 7’’ touch LCD support .

support Linux and Android OS

As far as I understand none of the original peripherals for Banana Pi (made by Lemaker?) are compatible with the newer boards. It seems like these are totally different hardware.

Have you already read through the forums to get an idea what to expect with the M3? And also interesting: and

BPI-M3, use MIPI interface , so muse design a new module for BPI-M3, M1,M1+,and M2 LCD module can not use on BPI-M3

@OVJECT The original Banana Pi with A20 SoC is TOTALLY different to M3

If you are smart, you read this thread first.

Pardon, I don’t really get what you meant. Only that we can not interchange displays between the various Banana Pi variants, true? What’s the reason? Why didn’t you choose compatible connectors since customers expect M1/M2/M3 to be only ‘upgrades’ with stronger CPU but otherwise compatible?

Maybe I start to understand:

You now use a different interface than before? So customers who already use an LCD with a M1+ for example and now try to upgrade to the M3 have to buy a new LCD since you made the new board incompatible to the already existing?

Can you please answer my questions? By reading other threads here I got the impression that you only answer if someone needs to be convinced to buy your products. But when real questions occur you refrain from answering. That’s a sign of poor user support, isn’t it?

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I guess answering your question:

If you want to use some 3.5LCD then no.

Only BPI screens made for M3 can be safely said to be compatible.

Who are you?

Is there a real company behind these new Banana boards? In one of the links above I read about a legal clash between different companies here:

Now it seems you can’t get any ‘official’ answers from company representatives (is @sinovoip for example someone who works for the vendor? Or an individual spreading his own opinions?). Are these products backed by a real company or is this only a hobbyist’s project these days?

This forum is official bpi forum. BPIjustin, sinovoip, and lionwang are from bpi team. It is backed by a legit company, but they just do not actively answer questions. That is why I am offering my “wise” opinion that bpi m3 only work with bpi accessories.

‘Just’? They ‘just’ do not answer questions?

While it’s nice that you try to do their job my intention was to get a clue what can be expected regarding vendor support. According to your statement vendor support ‘just’ does not exist.

Ok, same with Xunlong but the Orange Pi’s are cheap so getting no support is part of the deal. Given the state of product documentation and available ‘specs’ it seems like a good idea to avoid any Banana Pi M1 follower from here (I still don’t understand why LeMaker isn’t involved any longer. By looking into their forums I got the impression Banana Pi and Pro received excellect support. But here in the ‘official’ forum it’s quite the opposite).

If I understand correctly the M2 and M3 are totally incompatible to the original Bananas, right? While the average customer understands them as product upgrades ‘just’ to realize later that his expectations were completely wrong.

What about a name change to indicate the incompatibility? Maybe Durian Pi M2/M3?

if you read all the linked postings above, what do you expect from your posting now ?

Buy products, they still expect you develop on your own, but they also help if they can.

Wow, a week went by and the questions remain unanswered. What a lousy vendor support!

On the other hand it’s good to know what a customer can expect from @sinovoip: Nothing. :frowning: