BPI-M3 new image:Ubuntu Mate 15.10 for BPI-M3 (20151203)

The more I try out and especially the more I read here, the more I’m convinced that this is the best idea. I was really surprised how much the situation between M1 and its successors differs.

Where we have a bunch of outstanding OS images, tutorials and so on for M1 there’s seems to be nothing for M2/M3? But it looks like that both OS images and support were based on community efforts and that this doesn’t repeat with M2 and M3? Why is it that different? Do we just have to wait?

Hello, I have a problem with WIFI. I installed android, Raspbian and Ubuntu, but I can not enable and use the wi-fi. Please help me! Thank you very much

@tolius, i have encountered the similar issue, so it can be fixed in ubuntu http://forum.banana-pi.org/t/ubuntu-mate-wifi-is-not-working/1248/3?u=k0st1x

Hi Amas

Excellent write up

Are you able to share your exact steps (with screen captures) for getting wifi to work?

I have a Banana Pi M3. I think I’m pretty close now to getting wi-fi up and running:)

I’ve got the Ubuntu OS and also the Raspbian OS builds working :slight_smile:

I do face a challenge with audio not working on the Raspbian OS build though, but I’ll figure that out in time…

FYI: I’m conscious that an external antenna is required for good wifi reception, so I have one attached as per the general guidance

the google drive link is not working, please upload again, I need this file a lot

this is too old ,please use newest image for your board

why not update the links?

People don’t read minds here.