How to use BPI-M3 wifi extebd antenna slot

banana pi BPI-M3 have support ap6212 wifi&BT module onboard

BPI-M3 have wifi antenna on board

1: wifi onboard antenna. 2: when you want use extend antenna for BPI-M3, you need remove this Rs

if you want use a extend antenna for bpi-M3, you can add by youself.

wifi extend antenna slot:

note: please remove Rs for extend antenna.

wifi slot spec:

What is this joke ? There is no Rs components like yours on my board M3… Did you invent someting new to explain the wifi is not working after 3 meters ?

Are you kidding me? You sold me a SBC with on board wi-fi that doesn’t work. And I have to desolder a component from it to make it work at least with antenna? :anguished:

I already have a hammer in my hand to remove this R! But I can’t find it!! Please help me find the bastard to get WiFi working!

In other words: They obviously produce different PCB versions and don’ give a shit as usual whether customers are able to use their products or not.

Maybe, judging by the track, this resistor? You need to check in practice, but for beginners I would not recommend.

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I will start to desolder all resistors if this fixes the WiFi issues! Keep you informed!

I just tried this one but nothing changed.

Really? You bought a product that’s broken (non working WiFi), then instead of returning it and asking for a refund you start to desolder chips to void your warranty?

I don’t believe the would refund me. I tried this tip, it doesn’t work. I just wanted to let you know. :wink:

Why the heck not, SinoVoip always claims these are development-boards. This is not a Samsung Galaxy S7

it also would working fine with onboard antenna. if you can not make your wifi working ,just return to sellers

and ask to get a new board.

Interesting. SinoVoip also claims this would be Open Source Hardware. So you’re the kind of person believing in every fairy tale a vendor tells?

Anyway: Thx @bosyprinc for confirming that the fix in the 1st post does not help and WiFi is not working on this board.

this is BPI-M3 test wifi in Lab, we have test all wifi function. we just let some one know how to use a extend antenna, for some one want to use it do a product.

He wrote “There is no Rs components like yours on my board M3”, I wrote the same. We both told you that our boards obviously differ. You ignore this. As usual.

You think it’s a great idea to sell a product with an antenna connector next to the WiFi chip, make this connector non-functional by default and hide the ‘installation procedure’ (that not even works – see above) somewhere in a forum post. Instead of writing this clearly in a quick start guide so users know what to expect.

And now you try to compensate from all of this by showing us funny pictures of frequency graphs? Refuting your customer’s reality with pictures? Really?

Don’t you think the situation would improve if you start to respect your customers, listen to them and try to understand the many problems they run into?

I had no luck to get the wifi working either. I also updated to a barrel plug with 4amp power supply

Why my board isnt same as yours and how to fix it ?

Sry but what is Rs ? Can anyone explain it to me pls ?

Only if I remove “2” on the first picture the extend antenna works ? or what ?

Thx you

just remove as below

So funny i thought it was just about software but it seems all about bad board at all sides,anyway i’v fixed all problem bcz i used no software from here just give me a link to buy antenna

no, if you have wifi issue is hardware , you can return it to agent . this way just tell user how to use a extend antenna